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I will arrive in Beunos Aires on the morning of Jan 13, 2012 for one day only on my way to Antarctica.

I would like to connect up with any tellers there, and possible have an opportunity to share stories.  It has been a goal to share stories on all 7 continents.  It would be so rewarding to add South America and Antarctica as part of this trip.   Interested?


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HI!! No idea if I will be in Buenos far I will be here but January is a very hot month and everybody tries to leave ...I haven´t planned my holidays yet but I would love to meet you...Let´s share a coffee or a meal..

Keep in touch!!

Do you tell in English?' or in any other language?? Can you describe your audience??

A warm hug A.

Hey Rebecca

I might be on vacation on Jan 13. Do email me at if I'm around I'd love to meet you! Let's keep in touch


hi rebecca

i can't open your comment on my wall for some reason so feel free to write to me at or send a message directly to my profile inbox.  





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