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I am an Australian storyteller. My journey with storytelling has been intricately entwined with mental health and illness, in terms of my experience and those that I work with. I began working with stories due to my brothers mental illness and after his suicide (12 years ago) I pulled away from institutions and that hospital environment.

As life has it I am starting to work in hospitals again this year, not with mental illness but with children in the hospital setting. I find its time for me to really explore this aspect of storytelling. To spend some time emerged in stories and discovery. I want to explore the the range of concepts that illness, wellness and stories has to offer. The first that come to mind are power, self determination, pretending, self care, selfishness, dominance, guilt...

So I am asking for the help of our shared storytelling community. I want to delve deeper and assist my art practise and personal understanding. Can you send/suggest stories that speak to you of illness/health and the emotions/situations that occur for the person with the illness and the family/community.

This is a personal venture that I want to undertake to feel more of the situation, to learn and to grow. I thank you for your help.

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