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I was trying to find storytelling in the media. Do you know any TV or Radio shows that center around storytelling? And I don't meen like "that show had a good story." I meen like that uses storytelling as it's focus. If so when and where does it air? and How well does it do?

Thanks for the help.

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I don't know whether this is still running, but writer/storyteller Brendan Nolan has produced a series of radio shows consisting of an interview and a story for West Dublin Access Radio 96 FM (Ireland), and these are available as mp3 files here:

Also, Dublin Community TV is currently producing a series of shows featuring international tellers performing for children. I don't know whether these will be accessible via the internet.

Where are you?
Thanks for the information. This is the kind of thing I need.

Idaho USA
Hi Coilín and Daniel.
Telling Tales continues to run on WDAR96FM in Dublin.
While the station has a limited licensed local broadcast area it also broadcasts on the internet on
Additionally, I place the programmes on my own storytelling website for listening to at anytime on
Programmes remain available there for six months following broadcast.
Broadcast time is Saturdays at 1.30pm GMT.
The programme features an interview with a storyteller or writer, an original story of mine, some market news and some writing exercises for listeners, all in 30 minutes.
A collection of stories from the programme is published as Barking Mad: Tales of Liars, Lovers, Loonies and Layabouts which may be ordered through the website.
Thanks. I'll give it a listen.
StoryCorps has an ongoing project where they collect local personal stories for the sake of oral history. Oftentimes, when they move into a community, the local radio or tv stations get involved. For example, here in Nashville, NPR ran a segment featuring these stories and their tellers for the whole year or so S.C. was in town.
Check out Jackie Baldwin's Story Lover's World, an hour long radio show which runs weekly in Sonoma, California, on FM 91.3 featuring storytelling tracks from CDs and a few live performances:

ALso, Jeff Gere's Talk Story Radio, which ran on the radio in Hawai'i for many years and is now available as a podcast.

Here in the United States not since the legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey past away has there been any major storytelling in the media.  There may be some local areas that have some storytellers, but nothing major.  Unless you want to count that most of our media news outlets are telling some pretty big stories.  :-)

Thanks for reviving this discussion.  I was surprised to see Garrison Keillor's Lake Woebegone tales not mentioned.  The various P.B.S. stations in this area tend to broadcast him on Sat. evening and some do a repeat on Sunday mornings. 

Neither Paul Harvey nor Garrison Keillor show(ed) affiliation with the average storyteller in the trenches as far as I can tell, but both produce(d) material almost any of us would be happy to claim as something we produced.

Good point Lois, how could I have forgotten about Garrison Keillor?  Realizing that there is no broadcaster who affiliates with the average storyteller as you put it, but these two are probably the closest examples of storytelling on a national level radio broadcast.  

At least so far, I have wanted to get into broadcasting for a long time so I am working on a plan to combine storytelling and broadcasting.  

I like the Prairie Home Companion. It is lots of fun. And Paul Harvey told a good story. The Moth has come up a lot in the last year too, but it is to full of BEEEEPing to let me like it much. I would like to see a radio show or a TV show that is about Storytelling. I'm working on one, I think we need more then one.




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