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I wish the happiest of Thanksgivings to all my Professional Storytelling family!  The title "Thanksgiving, Disaster and Libraries" may seem odd, but I expect disaster will hit all of us at some point.  Haven't heard of any storytellers affected by Superstorm Sandy, but expect some exist.  Beyond storytellers some of us may have family or friends affected by it.  Two years ago I had a houseflood.  Compared to the losses caused by Sandy it was a walk in the Central Park, but the disruption and aftereffects continue to this day, some were even fairly good!  I want people to know about the series I did on my blog about disaster -- including ideas contributed by storytellers here who have also touched by disaster.  That tag of "disaster" and also this month's <> may help now and in the future.  I also looked at the role of libraries in all of this.  Some libraries were devastated in the very areas most needing their help.  My look at the Geek the Library campaign (complete with my own "I geek storytelling" poster) may help with that organization, <> with its important purpose of showing the value of libraries and why they need your help.
LoiS(tuffing myself like a turkey is only part of what today is all about)

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Treasure that service, Mary.  Things are very tight in the library world of Michigan, even when communities support their libraries.  Our local cooperative of libraries dropped its membership that would borrow beyond our state.  I mentioned to a staff member I hoped when things eased up we would go back to the ability to borrow throughout the country. 
"Never happen" was the reply.

I asked why and was told the service has become too expensive.

This is a great loss. 

Over the years I used that service for hard to find items and would gladly pay when it's the only way to see some things.  From what I hear it's not just the per item delivery, it's the overall cost to do it.




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