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I have a problem. I'm still fairly new to storytelling. I did a few projects. The payment was always allright. No comlplains there. But now private people are starting to ask me and there comes my problem. It is always the same. How do you put a price on what you do. I have the same problem with artworks I make I can never put a price on them. Now I have the same problem with the stories. I write my own and they are pieces from myself. How can you put a price on that. Any suggestions on how to do this?

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to tell you the truth there is no easy way to do it. But if you want to get lots of work and compete with other tellers then the simplest way is to check out other tellers websites and see what they charge. And some venues will pay you to create a new story for them, although there is the question of who then owns the tale?!
I say set a price that is your standard. Set it to what you feel your worth. Then say that there is some wiggle room.
Say you set 200 as your fee, you may out price some smaller groups but that is when, if you want to, give them a special rate. But in the world that has money, the more you cost the better you must be and they will be willing to pay for your talents, just be as good as your price or better. This works for me.
Keep telling
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller
I agree with Daniel. Set a price, put it on your website, and stick to it. If you want to volunteer, or do it for a reduced rate, you can, but always let people know what the standard rate is.

I often use the standard rate set by Storytellers of Canada:

It is great to be able to say "this is the standard rate set by the national guild, and you can see it on their website".
To all who answered my question thank you verry much for the tips and your time you gave my question.I also had a few conversations with some of my friends who have been working as storyteller a lot longer. I had a long talk with myself and desided on a price that feels good for me . ( there is still some wiggle room as Daniel calls it :-) _ what a beautifull way to put it )
I'm starting to find my way in all the extra things you have to think about like prices and advertising.

friendly greetings An
Good luck with it all An. I am pleased that you are considering all the "on costs" too.....preparation, travel, insurance, etc etc. Because I work alot in schools I calculated my price around the cost to the school of a supply teacher for the day....seems to make sense to them. But be careful if you offer a "half-day" price too, sometimes it is just not economically worth it. Have fun with the work, be upfront with bookers about your skills, be confident in what you can offer them and keep a cute wiggle for those you think deserve it!
Storytellers, like other performers, usually charge for the services they render.

The following prices cover the range from experienced to national name. The bold figures are what I normally charge. The storyteller researches, learns, and perfects their art in the same manner that dancers or musicians do. In addition, differing ages require different levels and types of stories. Many hours of prep work proceed any storytelling event.

A full performance of 40-50 minutes usually costs about $100 to $1500, plus mileage or trandsportation /meals/board. A short performance of about 20-30 minutes usually costs $50-$550, plus mileage (etc.).

Delivery of one story under 20 minutes is about $25-$100... Sometimes the cost is negotiable - depending on the situtation - always ask.

Storytellers usually need smaller, intimate spaces, or if larger spaces are used, there must be sound and few distractions. Some water bottles handy are always a plus.

Places to NOT place a storyteller: near a music band, animals, machinery, a noisy bar or eating space.




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