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What would you recommend reading for storytelling in the corporate or medical world

I have a friend who is doing a workshop for doctors on storytelling and she asked this question:  Do you have any recommendations of books that could be good recommended reading/a basis for storytelling in the corporate or medical world?  What are your thoughts?  And thanks.

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This is an intriguing question.
The answer might depend on the answer to this question: Why do these particular doctors want to learn about storytelling? For example, are they interested in telling stories to each other as an educational tool? Or are they interested in telling stories to patients as a way of helping them to be healthy?
The fact is that doctors in clinical practice work with stories all day long. The patient tells the story of the development of his/her symptoms and the doctor attempts to understand what illness might give rise to this story - the patient's "clinical history".
Also, doctors tell "case histories" to each other, e.g. to seek advice, or to illustrate pitfalls and problem-solving.
But I don't know whether any other kind of storyteller has anything to teach doctors about these kinds of storytelling, because doctors themselves are the experts here.
So ... Any more information about what the application is? Health promotion? Chronic disease self-management programmes? Palliative care?
There is also a discussion group based on using storytelling for healing. Maybe it would be of use-- Applied Storytelling: the Power of Story.
Hi Sheila;

"A New Theory of Story, Special 10th Anniversary Edition, C.N. Huntly & M.A. Phillips, Write Brothers

"The Leader's Guide to Storytelling: Mastering the Art & Discipline of Business Narrative" Stephen Denning, ( cheapest price)

"Storytelling in Organizations: How Narrative & Storytelling are transforming 21st Century Management" Stephen Denning

"The Springboard; How Storytelling Ignites Action in Knowledge-Era" Stephen Denning

"All Marketers ARE LIARS Tell Stories" Seth Godin, Penguin Group

I actually recommend anything Seth has written as well as anything that Stephen Denning penned. Stephen Denning was once one of the executives of the World Bank and Seth has been writing about "marketing/storytelling" in his blog for years. Oh yes... I forgot to mention, Seth's Blog is has been in the top 25 blogs in the world for years.

Hope this helps.





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