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"YES, I'd LOVE to . . . uhmmm...Hello? . . . Anyone?"

Following a recent performance, a nice lady came up, was very complimentary, and asked if I would be interested in performing for her group. Of course I said, "Sure!" She asked what I would charge and, because her particular group does HUGE and wonderful things for children - and doesn't have much money to do the great things they do - I said, "Whatever you offer." She was delighted, and gave me the date, March 14, 2009 . . . . which is pretty close to - that's right - NOW. I have NO IDEA where I'm supposed to be, tho' I'm supposed to be there at 7:00.

I never heard from her again.

I'd given her my card when we spoke, but nothing. I searched the paper yesterday and today - twice - and not a word. I googled key words for her group, and this community; again, nothing. Went to the Official Web Site for our town...nothing.

Silly me, I - and I hate/dread "saying this out loud" - just naturally assumed that she would touch base with me at some point in the 3-4 weeks following our meeting.

It's on the calendar in the kitchen: Her last name, "program," and "7:00." That's it.

Anyone else ever have anything remotely like this situation?

Any "gentle" advice, counsel...? Other compassionate responses?

Thanking you in advance.

No rush.

We've got a little over 5 hours.

Thanks, again.


Tom T

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How did it go, what happened, did you tell stories or just wait be the phone all night?

I had one, not as lacking but... I had a town time and date. I didn't live far from the town so I just waited by the phone and sure enough, a little before I was to tell, they called and gave me directions. Ever since, I ask for their contact info too. And I call them.
Good luck and hope it went well
Daniel Bishop, the Storyteller
Well, Daniel, I finally found my tiny slip of paper (approx. the size of a standard 'checker') on which I'd jotted the info late in the day, phoned my contact, whose phone was full+ and unable to take add'l messages, so left my number, figured she'd see my number and hurriedly call me. No dice.

So looked in the phone book to see if I could spot anything close to the very generic info she'd given me...nothing.

Drove to the main boys/girls club in town...shut down...nothing. Wandered thru the neighborhood to see if I could find any trace of a gathering...nope.

To service station for directions to the named (incorrectly, as it turned out) park. Other side of town.
And I was only about 3 minutes late when I arrived - JOY!

But . . . nope. Just a child's birthday celebration. There HAD been "something else" that had cancelled....

The young man at the desk made a few calls to try to help me connect with the folks I was supposed to join, but - again - NOPE.

Drove home.

That was last Saturday, and I've heard nothing.

I'm glad your experience was more productive than my own; mine, sadly, seems to have been one of those "learning the hard way" incidents.

Henceforth, I'm guessing I'll be doing what you learned to do regarding contact info, etc.

Thanks for sharing -

Blessings, MTMOT -

Tom T (Deep in the Heart of Texas!)
So YOU were the storyteller we all sat around waiting for???..........only joking!! hee hee. You must let us know what happens next!!
Hey, Kevin -

Yeah, I'm glad you're just joking - but it made me think: What If? What if that were so? That they were, somewhere, waiting for me!? I'm REALLY hoping that I do NOT find out that that's exactly what they were doing somewhere.

It was sort of a "cautionary tale" for me - one that I trust I will never repeat. It would have been worse, I suppose, had it been a paying venue...still and all, I was a bit distressed over the situation.

I'm probably going to see the woman again - I co-present the Alternative Chapel at the local university, and that's where we met; it was at last month's chapel that she invited me to present to her youth association.

Should be interesting, eh?
I'll post an update, if it is!

Thanks for sharing -

Best Wishes - MTMOT!

Tom T
I am sure there is a story in this somewhere...a mixture with Waiting for Godot perhaps?
Kevin -

Again I realize that you may be speaking, at least in part, in jest. But - also "again" - I find myself thinking, "What if....?" As in, "What if Kevin's right?" - This could be an opportunity, no?

We'll see.

. . . . maybe, "Waiting for Godot...and Ms. Toks"?

Thanks for the idea. If anything good arises on this end, I'll have my "peeps" contact yours - AND, if anything good arises from your "peeps," we'll expect to hear from you/them asap!


Oh no...another Godot scenario...all this waiting!!
You're a funny guy, Kev, I don't care what THEY say - and, you must have a special relationship w/ "Godot."

You either love it or hate it; or performed in it, or directed it/produced it/promoted it/ did Lights/did Sound/Props/Costumes/Make-up . . . which is it?

When are you coming to Texas?


While I have not had the exact experience, I have had a few similar ones. Because of this, I have learned to be as proactive as possible and now try to get as much information as possible so I won't be left hanging (a rather discomforting feeling). It has occurred to me that people don't seem to have the same courtesy as in the past (yes, I'm that old). This is particularly the case over the Internet. As a result, I try to protect myself by getting names, phone numbers, etc. before I agree to do something, discuss prices or say yes to perform for a benefit. As a result I am not waiting around as much for that person to get back to me.

I hate to learn the hard way. . . .

Good to hear from you, and, thanks for your counsel. I agree with you - I, too, am prone to find myself in the position of having to learn the hard way - but, thankfully, it seldom (nowadays) takes more than one unfortunate "incident" to bring the lesson home.

I STILL have heard nothing. I DID find a tiny note (scratch paper, 'bout 1.5"x1.5") with her last name, phone # and a very vague description of the venue; tried to call, but her "messages" were excessive, so couldn't receive any more. Went to 2 or 3 possible sites, finally found the correct one, and was finally told that "someone" had cancelled......there WAS a group there, but it was a young child's birthday party....

So, Kiddies, THAT's how SOME of us learn important lessons -

Thanks again, Glenda!

KEVIN AND DANIEL: Am NOT ignoring you; will get back to you asap ("Ladies first," right?)

Hello Again,

Sad to say, an acquaintance once told me, "no good deed goes unpunished." Now, when situations create an unpleasant backlash to what seemed to be a good deed, I cannot help but remember what she said.

May all your future good deeds be rewarding. Keep smiling and continue moving forward.

Thanks for the encouragement - I fully agree with your affirmation, and I intend to do my best to "keep smiling and continue moving forward."

Appreciate your counsel -

Blessings, MTMOT

Tom T




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