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  • Yes, it is a real radio station.  
  1. My day job is working for an automotive manufacturer that starts with the letter "T."  By virtue of that job, I am sometimes aware of the newer directions the automotive industry might be considering.  Yes, I knew that the auto industry was going to put internet capable interfaces in their cars in the very near future.  Yes, I signed the papers buying the stations (2) just two weeks before Toyota announced all of their new 2012 cars would be able to access internet radio from just about everywhere.  What does that mean?  To me it means that now Storytellers have a place at the front of the line in this media, instead of hoping someone can "fit us into their playlist schedule." I had actually been planning it for several years; an internet radio station just for storytellers.
  2. Not a blog, not a podcast or an audio archive, it is real radio broadcasting to 101 countries around the world, around the clock.  
  3. Is there an audience?  Oh yes, the United States is the largest audience by far, but second place might surprise you; China.  China after all is the worlds largest English speaking nation.  My friends in Taiwan, tell me the station is a perfect vehicle to help them learn colloquial English.  Japan is third, Australia, Canada, and Taiwan round out the top seven.  Eastern Europe makes up the rest of the top ten nations.  One hundred and one countries have listeners and I might add there are only 196 nations in the world.
  • Yes, you can be on the radio station. There are some rules.
  1. You must tell a great story, enough said.
  2. It must be a good recording, it cannot sound like you recorded it in your shower.
  3. You must have original material or written permission from the author or organization that holds the rights to your story.  That signed, written permission document must be in my file cabinet, in paper form, before your story can be played on the air. No exceptions.
  4. This station and it's franchise operates in full compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  There will be no exceptions to these rules, I will not risk the station going off the air.
  • Yes, there is a fee, well really two types.  
  1. There is a One-time Lifetime Membership Fee of $25 US.  That fee is for me to keep the records in a file cabinet should the Franchise or the FCC wish to examine the records of permissions.
  2. There is a one-time processing fee for each story.  Two dollars ($2) US for each three minutes of a story.  This one-time fee is for my time, required to take whatever audio file format your stories are recorded in and cleaning up the audio (some people have even sent me cassette tapes, and that's okay I can handle it) and convert it into a solid radio signal, place it into the playlist and track it's fortunes.  You will never be charged for me to process that story twice.  The easy way to figure out the fee is to take the length of a story and divide it by three (3) and round up the remainder... even if the remainder is a couple of seconds.  Radio lives and dies by the THREE MINUTE UNIT.  So the only way I could figure out how to make it fair for everyone is to use the three minute unit as a common denominator.
  • Can you make money?
  1. Why, yes you can.  I encourage everyone of you to register your CDs with and  Let me explain, your listeners can click on the contact button on the player, lower right corner.  A pop-up window allows them to do several things.  One; rate your story, Two; buy just a single track of yours from, or Three; buy the whole CD from  Now here is the good part.  Neither the radio station or myself get's any money from that sale.  It is strictly between Amazon and you or iTunes and you, I don't get a dime of that money.  I am happy to say.
  2. You also can raise your customer's awareness of your talent by telling them where they can hear you on the internet radio.  You can also have a radio show, sell Ads and make money.  Call me, we can talk.  This station will only have 56 Shows in rotation.

I know this is a lot of information.  Call me, 502-370-5322 and we can talk.  Or send me an email or send me a snailmail.

Don 'Buck P' Creacy

Aslan Production Studio

1800 Switzer Road

Stamping Ground, Kentucky 40379

I hope to hear from you.


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Thanks for the update. This was easily digested. You will hear from Saundra Kelley, Storyteller, soon!

This is so wonderful.  I can't wait to send you my check and recordings.

Simon Brooks, storyteller




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