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I like to think that the Fringe season starts in March, with Fresno's Rogue Festival (though I know New York's Frigid Festival comes earlier in the year).

But this is the time when names start getting drawn from hats and fishbowls in the lotteries for the North American Festivals.

So, if you've got some good news, or just crossing your fingers and hoping, share it here!

Anyone heading for 2010's inaugural Fringes in Hollywood, Chicago, or Oahu?

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Oops. O'ahu Fringe starts in 2011.

P.S. As of February 19, still accepting applications for 2010:
Hamilton, Ontario (very few slots left!)
Hollywood, California
Indianapolis, Indiana
Kansas City
Long Island
Vancouver (BYOV only)
Windsor, Ontario
Winnepeg (BYOV only)

Haven't even opened applications yet for 2010:
Halifax, Nova Scotia
New Orleans
Wilmington, Delaware

What did I leave out?
Well, we're not going to the Fringe festivals. BUT, Tellers2 (David Thompson and Lucinda Wise) are premiering our multisensory storytelling historical experience regarding the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911 on March 22 and 24. We've been commissioned by the Dean of University Programs to bring an experiential event to the students here at St. Edward's University in Austin TX. Our plans are to mix/mingle storytelling, interactive simulation, and multi-media to bring to light this horrific tragedy out of which grew all the mandated safety features we take for granted - enclosed fire escapes, sprinkler systems, fire-drills, etc. The hardest part for me will be weaving the stories of survivors, families, and politicos into stories that aren't so emotionally laden as to bring tears to my eyes while telling.

Wish us luck. Our plans are to begin developing more of these storytelling experiences.
I'll be taking my new storytelling concert "The Bohemian Love Diaries," to the Capital Fringe in DC this year. The Capital Fringe is 5 years old this year and is typically one of the best money makers on the fringe circuit. Mr. Fringey gave a pretty decent review of it on the Fringe or Die site at Also, if any one needs info on a fringe, most of the US ones have been reviewed on the Fringe or Die blog. It seems Mr. Fringey is taking a more active role in his blog these days ;)
Mr. Fringey rocks!
I'll be taking my 60-minute 14th century storytelling concert, "Chart Toppers of 1349!" to the Capital Fringe in DC this year, if I can get the dates to work out for me.

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