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Are you doing graduate studies in storytelling? If so, please share with us at least your topic, your anticipated degree, and your university. If you are willing, I would love to hear even more about your topic and/or your research! Thanks! STEVE

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Hi I am doing a Doctorate in Education (which is a pretty broad discipline). My key theme is the Role and Function of Stories in human development (also a broad title). I need to really focus down soon, but I am currently enjoying exploring the many layers of the topic. This is a professional degree, so the emphasis in using the academic research to support professional practice. As I "went professional" in January this year and work is (as yet) very quiet I am waiting to see which strand of applied storytelling becomes most active. I (will) work in education, business, community development, so the options are pretty broad too. I am really keen to hear what others are doing out there, as this may lead to some inspiration/links.
Sorry I am just getting back to you. I will share that I am in graduate school. I am doing a dissertation on how oral storytelling helps children with comprehension. Do you have some literature or resources that may help me with this dissertation. Or maybe some storytellers who will tell me their experiences in how they feel oral storytelling helps with comprehension. I am not ready to give out a lot about it at this point. I hope to make it into a book later on. My experience of telling stories for 20 years has a lot to do with how I feel children can comprehend stories.
Another thing, do you or any one else know how I can get a hold to the rap story of Little Red Riding Hood? I want to tell that story at the Jackie Torrence Festival on October 17, here in North Carolina at the Park.
Hello... I'm new to the group. I'm doing a masters in Design Studies from Central St Martins, London. I've proposed a project on exploring storytelling as a form of currency. In fact, I'm still working on getting the right slant. But, essentially it entails telling stories (folk tales, myths, real world stories) in exchange for train tickets or rides across England. Now, since I'll be traveling around, I'd like to put stories to further use- mapping identity? studying transformative applications? That's the bit I'm working on right now, and any feedback or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I created a self-designed MA through Goddard College: Transformative Language Arts
It began w/ an emphasis in the power of story, but I ended up focusing more on life story writing. It's an excellent place for creative professionals who want to create an academic and rigorous self-designed program in story arts.
Hi Anastasia,

Is life story writing similar to Auto-Ethnographic Narratives? I was considering that as one of my options.

The idea was to travel around England in exchange for stories. I'm from India, and I have the typical Indian accent, and it would have been fun to see how folks react to this experiment. So basically I'd tell stories to groups of people and in exchange have them buy me a ticket to wherever they please. In this way it would have been possible to understand what kind of stories ring most with the people today. I had to drop the idea because it was too wide for a masters research project.

How is your project going?

I'm possibly considering going back and getting a 2nd Master's and Storytelling or Mythological Studies would be likely subjects. Does anyone have any suggestions of schools,especially those with Distance Education programs?

Hi All...I've been negligent to this page.

I have a MA in Oral Traditions from The Graduate Institute in CT. Website is It was an amazing program. My co-hort leader was Robin Moore. Time well spent. I highly recommend it.

It's enriched me so much, honing my skills in my performing and my teaching. I've thought about going on for a PhD. There is a program based out of Wales in Storytelling, and it can all be done online through Skype. You need a mentor in your area. I don't have the information handy, but it is available online. Jack Zipes recommended it to me.

Hi, This is Anne, & I'm new to PS. In pursuit of a Doctor of Missiology degree from Biola's Cook School of Intercultural Studies, I'm researching Reproducible Bible Storytelling in Taiwan. The focus is how successful (reproducible) storytelling indigenizes, with a hope to influence the original tellers to do so more acceptably in Taiwan's context.

I hold a Master's in Educational Theatre from NYU. My focus there was in applied and community-engaged theatre, which included a lot of discussion on the role and value of storytelling -- both as a theatre genre and as an art form into itself. As a part of that, I got to spend a month in Ireland with a lot of storytellers, bards, and local theatre artists. In a different class, one of my favorite discussions in a class was on mime as a form of corporeal storytelling.

I'd highly recommend the program, both for its breadth of learning and connections, and as a way to really get deeply immersed in in what applied storytelling and theatre can be in communities.

Hello Caleb. I´m a drama teacher and professional storyteller from Spain. I´m very interested on the value of storytelling in Education and I´d love to visit Ireland and learn from their tradition as great storytellers. I´d like to exchange my experience and doubts with you, since I think we could help each other somehow. Greetings from Seville




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