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Who, on the college campus, is a good initial contact?

On several occasions I've been invited to perform at the university that's just up the street from my house, and it's been a great success. Thing is, it's been a different department contacting me every time. Once, it was the education department, and I was there to lecture/demonstrate to teachers in training. Once, it was the department of Women's Studies who wanted folklore featuring strong women. And twice, it was the department of Speech and Linguistics who wanted a concert with a feminist slant.

I loved all of these audiences, and after each glowing experience I vowed that this time, by gum, I would go out there and market to other universities and colleges. But all of my efforts resemble a futile attempt to hug an elephant.

At this time, I am currently contacting all the community colleges in Virginia, asking for the person who books programs and events. Sometimes I get a gym teacher, sometimes a counselor, sometimes a person who doesn't show up on the faculty roster. They're all very nice to me. They all say, Sure! Sent your promo. Since I've just launched this endeavor I don't know yet whether or not this is an effective approach.

Anybody out there got some guidance to spread around?

Thanks --

megan hicks
storytelling empress::origami swami

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Dear Megan:

You are asking some things that fall under Jungle Law #6--If you stand by the Waterhole long enough, the Big Cats will come--when you really need to start at Jungle Law #1--Finding a Path in the Jungle means Survival. This means the artistic mission statement. (Then proceed with Jungle Laws #2-6 in that order.)

I have a blog entry on piecing a statement together. Once you know who you are as a storyteller, then you know what departments to target. Otherwise you will be jumping everywhere like a jack rabbit. This may be fun at first though confusing for any potential venues. They won't know what you are an "expert" in for your style of storytelling.

Feel free to post your artistic mission statement for this group.

As for a place to start, think about people you already know who work with colleges. Build on relationships. You may know neighbors or members or your church or relatives who are professors.

This is only a taste, as I want to make sure you have Jungle Law #1 down first.

Have you signed up for the free e-Course?

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman




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