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Ok, I'll try it this way. I wrote a blog post about the list. It was updated over the weekend. If you teach courses in oral traditions, know people who teach courses, know places where courses are taught that are not on the list, please send them to me. I'll add them to the list.

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Interesting fact--

With the 23 campuses connected with the California State University system, they accept a high school storytelling class as one of the English electives necessary for admissions.

Who do we thank? Kathy Palermo, Storytelling/Drama/English teacher, at the Lemoore High School. She also guides a youth club called The Lemoore Tellers. They tour and give a Tellabration! every year.

Some of her students have debated on creating storytelling clubs at the college level though I know of none of them who has taken the challenge. It will only be a matter of time.

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman
This is wonderful! Millie
Check on line for Eastern Ct. State University in Willimantic Ct.
Dr. Raouf Mama teaches courses in storytelling. I dont know if they are offered every semester or not but the school site should have more info. Dr. Mama is originally from Benin Africa and he tells some wonderful tales.
There is the Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh..
I usually teach a 1-day, 1-unit class at the University of California, San Diego once a year. Lately, it's been in January or March.

Also, Vicky Reed teaches a great class at the University of San Diego--fall and spring semesters--3-units from the Continuing Education Department---no homework! It's on Thursdays, 5:30-8:30, and also includes four adult storytelling concerts per semester. Lecturers and concerts are by a mix of local, national and international storytelling.

Contact me if you'd like more information about either of these classes.




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