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There are high and low times in every business market. What are the best times to approach departments about a storytelling program?

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I know my son in law has been prepping all summer to teach his college courses. So the planning and all of that is done already. The students will be back in no time. So reaching professors needs to be done in advance although some are probably better at revamping their scedule to accomodate a speaker.
College clubs get into the swing of things right away on arrival at campus usually with parties and BBQ's. That first week of school would be a good time to hit the frats and clubs with a brochure, business card or call.
Staff are there all year so reaching the secretaries in any department can be done yearlong. DOnt forget the college bookstore. Most are to busy in the book buying rush but settle down soon there after and have programs for the community and campus.
Just a couple more weeks of quiet in our town and then they will be back I live 3 miles south of the Uconn campus and 1 mile north of the Eastern Ct. State university campus. Our town has a special and the 18-35 year olds - they are everywhere! Lets all try to book a college program this fall! Carolyn




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