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I assume you have heard, "I thought storytelling was an old lady reading books to kids."

With that in mind, have you experimented using other words in place of "storyteller" and "storytelling" to open the door to adult audiences such as found at a college? If so, what are they and why did you choose to use them? If not, what is holding you back?

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Rachel Hedman

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In many of my fliers and on my upcoming CD I list myself as a "folkteller", Folkteller has opened up a few opportunities in historical venues and folk music groups. People have a sense of what the word means which is nice, and if they ask I tell them "that's storytelling for an adults and teens." Sometimes I get the response, "oh, I knew that" or " wow, you do adult programs?" I called my cd a folktelling sampler which helps to put it into a farmilar context.
I've also called myself a 'fringeteller". I started playing with the term "fringeteller" for my edgier stuff, haven't really used it much yet.

I also use the phrase "I perform transformational tales" and leave out the phrase storyteller when I do women's programs. When I use the word storyteller I often pair it with words like "traditional" or "in the century old tradtion of the storyteller" to put a bit of color on the word.




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