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For any kind of storytelling gig, it is always best to know your audience. What have you done to research the 18-35-year-old crowd? What resources have you found that help quicken the search?

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I like to use Google (the Alerts option) to lead me to headlines that share what is happening on the college scene.

I have typed in phrases for the search engine to find such as "colleges and trends", "storytelling and college", "performing art and college", "spoken word and college" and "narrative theatre and college".

I get a lot of emails with these alerts so I place all of them in a specific folder within my email system. I highly recommend that you choose to receive these emails once a week rather than once a day or as-it-happens.

About once a month I scan through the headlines as sometimes they are enough to give me insights.

Certain headlines catch my attention and could be used as ammunition when meeting with key decision-makers at universities.

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman




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