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College Big Cats: Tracking and Capturing Gigs


College Big Cats: Tracking and Capturing Gigs

Anyone could jump into the college jungle without a map, but the survival rate goes down and “starving artist” takes on a whole new meaning. Learn the Jungle Laws to connect with the 18-35-year-olds.

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This group will focus on the Jungle Laws to connect with college venues--
1. Finding a Path in the Jungle means Survival

Artistic Mission Statements

2. A Lion called by another name is still a Lion

Other Names for Storyteller and Storytelling

3. To find the Cheetah, first find the Gazelle

Typical College Atmosphere Across the Nation

4. Seeing Spots and seeing a Leopard could mean the same thing

Individual Campuses

5. A lone Lion is always Hungry

Partnerships for the Storyteller

6. If you stand by the Waterhole long enough, the Big Cats will come

Pitches and Dialogues

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Discussion Forum

"A World of Storytelling" Radio Station

Does this count as a resource you can use?  The world's first 24/7/365 Internet Radio Station for Storytellers.  You can be on the radio, you can have equal footing, you can point your friends and…Continue

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World Wide List of Storytelling Courses 5 Replies

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Marketing calendar for college market 1 Reply

There are high and low times in every business market. What are the best times to approach departments about a storytelling program?

Started by Rivka Willick. Last reply by Carolyn Stearns Jul 28, 2008.

What podcasts/videos could help us learn how to reach the 18-35-year-olds? 1 Reply

If you know of any podcasts or videos that could build our understanding of the 18-35-year-olds, please reply to this discussion.

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Started by Rachel Hedman. Last reply by Rachel Hedman Jun 3, 2008.

Jungle Law 3--Typical College Atmosphere Across Nation 1 Reply

For any kind of storytelling gig, it is always best to know your audience. What have you done to research the 18-35-year-old crowd? What resources have you found that help quicken the search?

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Started by Rachel Hedman. Last reply by Rachel Hedman Apr 29, 2008.

Who ya gonna call? 1 Reply

Who, on the college campus, is a good initial contact?On several occasions I've been invited to perform at the university that's just up the street from my house, and it's been a great success. Thing…Continue

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College Presentation 3 Replies

I spend several hours at Beacon College in Leesburg Florida. The professor had invited me to tell trickster stories and to explain them to a class. Beacon College is a college dedicated to students…Continue

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Advertising to attract 18-35-year-olds 1 Reply

What advertising ways have you found to be most effective to reach the 18-35-year-olds? What ways did not work at all and you wish to warn everyone?Continue

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Started by Rachel Hedman. Last reply by Rachel Hedman Apr 4, 2008.

Jungle Law 1--Artistic Mission Statement 7 Replies

When was the last time you updated your artistic mission statement? Or have you yet to create one?

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Started by Rachel Hedman. Last reply by Rivka Willick Apr 1, 2008.

Jungle Law 2--A Lion called by another name is still a Lion 1 Reply

I assume you have heard, "I thought storytelling was an old lady reading books to kids."With that in mind, have you experimented using other words in place of "storyteller" and "storytelling" to open…Continue

Tags: storyteller, jungle, experiment, name, law

Started by Rachel Hedman. Last reply by Rivka Willick Mar 7, 2008.

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Comment by Richard Stillman on April 5, 2008 at 9:43am
Dear Rachel,

Most of my shows are in grammar schools, libraries or small theatres. I have only done a few shows in colleges.

As far as grammar schools go one idea that has helped me in creating shows is to ask about curriculum each time I perform. This is often the kernel of my next show.

All the best

Comment by Wright Clarkson - StoryGuy on April 5, 2008 at 1:27am
Hi, again, Rachel,

Thanks for the invitation to join this group. I must admit to having more questions than knowledge in this arena. Limited exposure to college crowd, except through coffeehouse -style entertainment venues.

Would like to know what you and others have been able to accomplish there. Sounds a lot like survival of the fittest - lol.

Look forward to interaction with yourself and others here.

Take care, y'all,

Comment by Rachel Hedman on April 4, 2008 at 10:34pm
To all:

Feel free to post any questions or comments you have in regards to sharing stories to, with, or by the 18-35-year-olds.

Until we tell again,

Rachel Hedman

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