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What's interesting to me is that the students of the ETSU Storytelling Program seem to fall in one of two camps: performance or academics. I weigh in on the academic side, since the degree will help me in my profession as a cultural researcher with an emphasis on oral communication. When you get down to it, isn't my degree really going to be an MA in oral curriculum design, based on the school of education, department of curriculum design, section on reading and storytelling? Now how can you beat that?!?! And all for the price of telling a story! ... Now that reminds me of the story of a man who traded a fortune for a song...

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As a professor emeritus in communication, I chose the performance degree, but I would note that there was no way to "escape" the academics! This is a win/win in both areas. If you understand story as rhetoic and culture, you must accept that there is a performance element. It would seem that ETSU is finding ways to house both but not at the expense of one or the other. Without research we cannot understand and without performance we cannot study the literature. So which comes first......
...the chicken or the egg ?!?!

Great thoughts, Ann, and I agree, both are necessary and each compliments the the other. While I really enjoy the academics of and research on storytelling, I found what I learned and experienced on the performance side extremely interesting and beneficial. My story performance and advanced storytelling classes were amazing and have contributed not only to my experiential side, but to my intellectual side as well.




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