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Here's a request from a student urgently needing to find tellers and storytelling organisations in those countries, in the next few days. Please email her directly at but reply here too - here's her full message:


"Hello! My name is Grace Carroll, and I am a 4th year student at Grinnell College in the U.S.
I am applying for a Watson Scholarship to study the oral tradition of storytelling. This scholarship allows me to travel abroad to multiple countries for one year to study my topic, providing me a multicultural perspective on the art and impact of modern day story telling, as well as the social/historical roots or the oral tradition.

If I am awarded this scholarship, I am proposing to study in Ireland, Iceland, Singapore, India, Uganda, and Jamaica. I believe each of these countries have incredibly rich histories of storytelling and oral traditions, which I would love to learn more about. We are encouraged, as part of the application process, to make potential contacts in our host countries. I was wondering if you had any contacts or knew of any current organizations, societies, or groups that promote or perform storytelling in any of these countries, but especially Uganda, India, and Jamaica, where I have had particular trouble finding groups or organizations that i could potentially work with or receive mentorship from if i were to visit the country.
This scholarship application is due September 19th, so time is of the essence for me.
Thank you so much for your time!


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Grace, Tim and all,


A good India contact in Chennai is the World Storytelling Institute, founded by Eric Miller,  Eric was most helpful in connecting me to the people with whom I could study the Mahabharata.  






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