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I am going to show your all three versions But if you want to just get to the finished work... scroll down... but I think there is something to learn from the transitions too. But time is important... so you get to choose.

Version One (way too long and rambling)
Storytelling connects people, places, time, it reveals motives, teaches life lessions, entertains us, making us laugh, cry, think, appreciate and recognize ourselves and our neighbors.

I love the connection I have with my audience. I love to be the spark of their imaginations, the guide through their ideas and thoughts, the entertainer, the distraction, the friend, the jester, always simply telling and showing the truth about mankind.

Storytelling is the oldest art form, the most common art form, practiced daily by everyone. Buck P Creacy draws people to himself with stories. We are drawn to the light of the story. (it was at this point I couldn't let myself write anymore.... it was just getting tooo corny. I could just see the next sentence containing something about moths.)

version two During our discussions the moderator;Jewelry Artist Jamison Brumm, suggested writing it in the first person also striving for the joy, beauty, simplicity of brevity. ha ha... and now version two.

People sometimes ask me. How did you become a storyteller? After I get through laughing, I always say I wasn't exactly born a storyteller, I learned to tell at Slim's Barbershop while I shined shoes.

I love the connections I have with everyone in my audience's own imagaination (on the third read... I almost gagged on that last sentence) I love drawing their faces into my world.

I have told stories to entertain and teach since I was 14 years old... (pulled up short here realizing that I had begun to repeat myself already.)

The Final (for now) version of Buck's Artistic Statement There are three statements.

1. I am a weaver of words since 14 years old, telling stories at Slim's Barbershop, while I shined shoes and made folks laugh.

2. I love the connection I enjoy with my audience and their own imaginations.

3. I love drawing their faces and hearts into the story, my world; our world's oldest art.

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