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Handling Social Media: Project: Create a viable S.M.A.R.T set of Goals to improve Marketing using Social Media.

Boy oh boy, is there a lot of information out there about social media. 

So here is the project... notice I didn't say this is the goal.  Make Social Media pay me money "LOVE" to pay me for my ideas and knowledge.


That's the project.  The buzz word for this project is "monetizing your websites."  The real words for this project is... get paid because people love to read what you're up to and learn what you know.

Okay first let's review the techniques for setting project goals.  Begin, with the end in mind.  If I am effectively using social media as a performing artist and storyteller... What does that look like?  (Let me think about that for a minute or a couple of days.)  What is a smart goal?  Glad you asked.

  • Specific  If you cannot define it on paper, you won't know "when" you've done it.
  • Measurable  If you can't measure progress; you won't know "if" you've done it.  Ask yourself; How will I measure my success as I proceed?
  • Achievable I am fairly sure "World Domination" is out of the question for most of us.  But some certain level of success isn't.  What is that level?   Who would've thought we would have 2,000 storytellers in PS back in 2008 when Dianne De Las Casas created this group?  Who would have thought that A World of Storytelling Radio would be in the "Top 20" of Talk Radio, less than a year after the station's launch?  An unreasonable goal for the station might be; "Let's be #1."  In the shadow of seeing that Oprah is, in fact, #ONE in Talk Radio.  My five year plan was to get into the top 100 within three years.  I see now that this should have been a stronger goal.  But fear, held me back.  Which brings up... What is reasonable?   Notice I didn't say... what is scary?
  • Reasonable (reachable, right on target, realistic, responsible)  What are your resources?  Do you know that you are really capable?  Like the horse being chased by a lion, you can run farther and faster than you think.  But do you have to sell the farm?  In certain cases, this might not be a good consequence but in others it may be the only avenue you can reasonably take.
  • Time Based  "I am going to write a book someday." This is a statement is not a goal, it's a wish.  Grand Dad said; "Wish in one hand..."  Well, he still had a lot of good advice.  Make goals with a calendar in hand.  "BY 10:30 am, August 17th, 2013, I will hand my first draft manuscript over to my publisher."  Now that is a goal.

Okay now I have one more review item before we start this project.  If you know me and have worked with me or talked with me at any length of time.  You have heard me say...

"Do not confuse decision making with problem solving."  

Once you decide that you are going to go for a goal. That is the decision, no matter what kinds of obstacles you might encounter.  Some decide to reach for a goal; but when they run into obstacles they decide to make another decision.  Don't confuse decision making with problem solving.  Make your decision and then solve all the problems that hinder you on your way to making your goal's deadline.  The reasonable part of that goal is not to hurt yourself or anyone else.

Okay, homework;  I recently read an excellent book entitled, Platform by Michael Hyatt.  I was appalled.  Every single tool, he described in his book... every tool... I already owned.  Not only did I own every tool he discussed in his book.  I could have easily been every bad example that he offered up about how not to use social media.

The book was recommended to me by my storytelling friend; Ashley McGlone. At his insistence I drove to town and bought the book.  Just opened it to read the liners and the next morning I put the book down for the third time, finished.  The other two times I put the book down was to come here to my computer and fix stuff.

I immediately got online and bought 5 additional copies.  Called my webmaster and told him I had bought him a book and that he HAD to read it.  I also picked several close friends, two of them are not part of the storytelling world and gave them all the book.  Yes, I had a plan, I was building a team.


In this project;  I will show you what I am doing to my presence on the web and in social media.  I will tell you not only what I am doing, but why.  The Team will be going completely go through my businesses, Storytelling, Recording Studio and the Radio Station to increase the business bottom.  Tomorrow or the next day, I will publish my SMART goal.


Better go get that book.


Don't forget to listen to A World of Storytelling Radio.  Click the link or just click the microphone.

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Platform is excellent! I have you to thank for pointing me there! Returning the favor let me recommend the book Im reading now; The $100 Startup   by: Chris Guillebeau  I have to take this one little  in like Platform, little bites, fix it, think about it then move on.




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