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All over Kentucky we have lots and lots of little towns and lots of little community theaters. This past week at my storytelling guild, Scott County Tellers, we had a new person to visit. Nice guy, when invited he got up and told a ghost tale about Robert Sheely, a local lore tale. Did a pretty good job. Talking with him afterwards I found out that he was a Director/Member of a community theater in a nearby town. He enjoyed his evening with us and ask if I would be interested in coming to their theater and performing along wth some of their members for an evening of storytelling?

I waited for ten seconds and asked what would the evening be like? He went on to say that he intitially thought it would be a collection of stories that their members would tell and that I would be the evenings featured teller.

I asked if some of our guild could come and tell as well? Would we share the door? Afterall this is my business. Yes we could share the door and we could work out the deal, 60/40 or 50/50 or something. Only one of my guild members has told for money so this would be a treat for the whole guild and the community theater.

That got me to thinking... how many other small community groups would love to have a evening of local individual performances, with a "featured teller" to anchor the evening around stories? Well, I am thinking a lot of them. So in the next few weeks I will be courting the community theater groups that are within easy driving distance for me here in Kentucky.

I will create an inexpensive brochure about this product over in the fishbowl, ask for some comments from my newest guild member to quote and put together a little flier mailing list to romance this particular market. I am thinking that each one has its own group of faithful followers, local celebrities and perhaps there will be a few dollars to spend at my storytelling table in these little towns. So, I will pursue this a little farther and see what pops up.

Key Points
* Extremely inexpensive production costs
* Ready made - bill of entertainment, listing local members and my guild members as "stars"
* I can provide the posters ready for duplication and they can distribute
*I have the capability to send out email notices without it becoming "Spam." (plus my newsletter list will grow)
* It will probably turn a profit for the Community Theater, no props, no sets, no licenses to pay for and no upfront expenses.
* I think the door price should be whatever the regular door price has been and probably the concessions should go completely to the Community Theater and the CD & book sales go to the Artists.
*The door split should be a win win for all parties.

Perhaps there are Community Theaters in your area as well. Who knows, several well placed visits and a few phone calls and a highly focused mail campaign might turn over several dollars for your wallet.

We are always looking for new places to tell. Might want to look into your local community theater.


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