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This past weekend, Tim Lowry... South Carolina Storyteller, Pam Holcomb and I had a great time at Pam Holcomb's CD Release Party in Harlan, KY. Seems like the whole county showed up and there was great bluegrass music supplied by none other than "Kentucky Rain" and oh yes another Kentucky tradition... Food! Lots and lots of food... not only was there lots of food... it was good.

Politicians, Preachers, Teachers, Parents, Kids, Friends and Family all turned out to be a part of this great evening. All around the tables people talking sharing stories, old acqaintences were renewed, old students returned to say "remember me" and of course, Pam, Tim and I told stories. You would think with that many people, most uninitiated to Festival etiquette might continue to chatter when one of us took to the podium. No, all attention turned to the tellers and that old railroad station rang with laughter and music. What a night!

The next morning at breakfast, we, tellers, were just leaning over Pam's bisquits, gravy, sausage and eggs with homemade apple sauce for the bisquits, hot black coffee and sweet tea. The topic for awhile was about last night but it didn't take long to turn to business. Gigs, Scheduling, Mailing Lists Management and Marketing...

I got so excited about what Tim said next I begged him to tell you all here on PS.

Does that whet your appetite?

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I'm listening!
I really feel like I should let Tim tell it. But if I don't hear from him today... I will tell it. You are going to love it.

Okay, Buck, I guess you're going to have to tell it yourself . . .
Hello Everybody;

Everyone knows that postcards can be useful. Tim Lowry has taken it to a new level. With a simple elegant sales pitch. Here is the scenario, at the beginning of his program he or a representative is at the door... handing out his postcard to adults with a really cheap pen attached. The pen has his cartoon logo and website printed on it and that is all. As they give out the card and pen, they say "I'll tell you what to do with this card later." (with a nod and wink... or not)

Now if you have checked out the Fishbowl you will find a long development peice on the effective postcard. It is mine and it works... but... it looks nothing like Tim's.

Here's Tim's;
Front Side; a collage of pictures... Tim in different poses and costumes. Across the bottom, his name & website... on the left middle in mediums sized print... seven or eight words. "Telling South Carolina's stories of ...."

Back Side: Nothing... well almost nothing... in the middle of the card there is a vertical line and on the right side you will find in the upper right corner a stamp marker (where to put your stamp), toward the middle of the right side the word "to:" and four lines equally sized that look like this "______________________"

In fact it looked exactly like any tourist's "wish you were here" card. So you can imagine now the puzzlement on my face. It might mirror your own.

So where does the magic happen?

Just the last story, Tim addresses the audience and talks about the definition of an encore. He explains that if you respond appropriately then the performer will often give you a little more. So if You (children) will sit quietly while I talk to the (grownups) teachers... I will tell you another story. Then he addresses the grownups (who have the cards.) "As you came into the program today, we gave you a postcard and a pen. If you enjoyed today's performance and you think it is appropriate for another school, organization, or corporation that you know about... please take the time to write the person's name, organization and town... I can look up their address on the internet. So don't bother with that... and if you want to write them a little note on the left side... while I tell this next story... that would be great. And as a special gift to you... (wink wink) Please accept this excellent writing device as a gift from me to you. ha ha."

I would share with you exactly how busy he is in South Carolina... but you might think I am fibbing. But I promise you this... I will promise you this... I won't be doing any more programs without giving the "encore lesson" at the end. Complete with a free pen and postcard for the adults.

I hope this was worth the wait... and I hope you can see the real value of "USING" your postcard as a marketing tool.

Good business and good Storytelling
Brilliant! And absolutely worth the wait.
I had picked that up already from Tim when he was at the Ct. Festival. I went specifically to see him as he does historical work and it is my favorite. I have found that it worls very well too. I havent done the pen but will when the budget allows. I havent been working lately while I care for everybody but hoipe to pick up a little more after the new year. I hvae one booking in Jan and 2 in Feb. I plan to use this technique a lot as I found it helpful when I was using it and was working about 3 days a week in the fall. Miuss the telling but family comes first.
WIsh i could have been there in the station to hear you all tell. One of these days......




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