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Hello Everyone;


I guess it has been since August of last year that I was active in these pages.  Now don't think that I was just laying around watching Vanna White turn letters.   No siree, I have been busy working on my big surprise.


I have built a full blown, honest to God, broadcast quality recording studio, with capability to do all sorts of production.  CD, Enchanced CD, DVD, and drum roll please... Bluray.  No I don't mean that I have a digital recorder in my bedroom.   The soundstage is 12 feet x 16 feet, the control room is 7 feet by 16 feet and the entire facility is treated (I did the math) acoustically for... you guessed it the Spoken Word, specifically Storytelling & Storytellers!


Techinical tidbits                                  Plain English

Audio decay  < 50 milliseconds             Really Quiet Room

AKAII Pro Board 24 Channels                You can't buy these at Radio Shack

Bounce 1096 tracks                              Editing and mixing are not an issue

Sony HD Camera                                  Yep High Definition

Chroma Key Wall 12' x16'                      Just like the 6 o'clock weatherman

Wide variety of microphones                  We can mic your voice

Audio effect and filters                           too many to list

Audio editing, multiple sources               analog, mp3, cassette, USB

Video editing, A/B roll, 16 sources          multi-cameras, formats, sources editing

Pro Sony SLR Photography gear            great cameras

Graphic Arts, Latest Photoshop Pro        great graphic capability

USP Bar Code Liscensing                      we can give you your barcode for you products


Lots of people don't know that I went to school for this back in the Eighties.  Worked on audio and video projects for Cable Programming (gourmet cooking show), Maine Audobon Society (bald eagle documentary), and lots of stuff for industry (98 manufacturers, including Texas Instruments, Alcan Aluminum, GTE, and Corning Glass.   I share an International Television and Video Association Golden Reel Award, 1st place and I am a voting member of the Recording Academy, yep the Grammy Folks.


So after all these years, I finally dipped dug deeply into my savings and built this recording studio.


So why did I do it?  Well, there are thousands of recording studios in this country.  Most of them are wonderful and expensive.  All of them are in the business to produce fine audio and video products and most of them have wonderful technically gifted individuals working for them.  For the large part of their bread and butter is advertising, television, and music recordings.


But I am a storyteller and so are you.  These studios understand how to record and manipulate music and they do a great job.  But the storyteller's product has different needs, preparation is different, the recording process is different and their needs in the studio require more than just turning on a mic and putting you in front of it.  It requires a different set of ears and a different mentality from the producer who is listening to the story being recorded.


That's why I built this recording studio.  To offer a high quality market entry point to Storytellers who want to produce a top notch product of their work.  I want my studio to be the gateway for many deserving storytellers who couldn't or don't know how to produce a fine recording and prep it for the market.


I know this isn't for everyone on the planet.   I don't intend to do much recording for music, this studio is for the Spoken Word, for Storytellers and Poets.  It is for us, because our art deserves someone who understands what we are trying to do with our craft.  How many times have you said to yourself... "I need to make a CD."  


We are here, when you are ready


Buck P Creacy

Aslan Production Studio  (I am building a new website at this very moment)

3146 Newtown Pike

Georgetown, KY  40324






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Great job and thanks for thinking of our specific needs. I hope to be one of your first clients.
WOOOOOHOOOOOO! Big Project, Congratulations and I put you in my address book....someday my CD will come




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