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My CD is mastered and I'm looking for the best compant to manufacture it. I'm leaning towards Disc Makers and thinking about their Digipaks. Any thougts about wallets vs digipaks vs jewel cases?

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I am
looking to do the same as you have done. who and how did you do your master?
I found my recording guy through friends. I'm active with a group called the Folk Project -folk muscians, dancers and now tellers. If you are or can connect with a local group like this or you have friends who are muscians, they will probably give you the best referrals. My recording guy (Dean Rickard) also cleaned up my tracks (as much as I wanted-I left some natural 'bumps' in) he worked on the sound, compression, helped me find a couple sound effects and worked on a song for the end. He even played percussion. After it was done, he mastered it. There is a huge range in quality, equiptmen and ability. I also learned the power of bringing an audience with me to the recording. My buddy Ken Galipeau, a fine teller and muscian told me about Dean and came with me. My teller improved when I had someone right in front of me to tell to.
Having someone who has done spoken word or voice overs is an asset. Are you also doing music? I noticed your in GA, I'd be happy to give you a referral in Atlanta if you send me a message. Rivka
Hey again
thanks for the info, yes, I would like any input and referral you could give me. I will look here at home for someone who might be able to help me. I would like some music at the beginning and maybe some in between stories. I do not sing or play, except I do play the radio pretty often and sometimes even do it well.
thanks again for the reply
If you use music you have to pay for each song. That applies even if a friend is playing. I have one song at the end and I'll have to pay the publisher a fee for each CD that is produced. (not each CD that is sold) Using music that is in public domain avoids that issue.
I have a name from a musician friend and need to contact after the new year to ask questions. I am working on a few stories that I think would be good but need to decide the theme or focus of a first CD and my goal is to make it the most marketable to the most audiences. thoughts on how to choose stories anyone.
I will do my own music breaks between stories I really like that as a segway I have listened to several tellers CD's and have bneen taking ntses on what I like and how I percieve them and things I might do to make mone. It helps to really listen from a business perspective. The art on the cover is another selling point but I cant think about that until I get my focus nailed down.
On selecting stories--have you decided the purpose of the CD? Since CDs are used for different purposes, the purpose helps decide content. All things to all people, doesn't nessarily mean the most sales. If it's hard to describe, it might be hard to market. My up coming CD Second Chances is: healing stories for tough times. I started out recording stories for a sampler-which I hope to complete eventually, but a market came up for something specific.

Some CD replication companies have different workshops to help artists make decisions around CD creation. I went to one about art on the CD--it helped focus my thinking.
Thanks Rivka, I will continue to think on and look into the focus of the CD. I like the historical stories best and may do one of those first as it is close to my heart a break over area is horses , I am a horse fanatic and have historical stories about horses and that would open tothe entire horse industry as a market. Then there are all those others. Well I have some time to work on this more. I thought about making a couple test CD's at home and just listenting not for quality but listenability and testing segways etc. easy enough to do on the home computer then pop in my car to have a listen as I go somewhere. See what I like and dont like. I think even the order of stories is important, the first and last being critical. as the first impression and the last and leave them wanting more. Well thanks again for adding to the discussion
How and to whom are you planning on selling this to? Your audience could influence your style. If you choose to focus on the horse stories, maybe you could set up a booth at a local farm festival or horse competition, in addition to the traditional storytelling crowds.
Hey Rivka;

I don't know if I am too late but here is what I have discovered. I have and sell a compilation set of CDs, a two CD set. It is packaged in the cardboard sleeve. Very nice artwork, professionally prepared, and so forth. In the act of selling them ON the table, at the back of the room next to the Jewel cases it looks "cheaper" and people have told me so and they have not begun to purchase it until I finally lowered the price to a number below the Jewel cases... even though it is a two CD set. Now if this was my own work... I might suspect that it was "just me" but the artist on these CDs are all very famous storytellers.

For the artist, the cardboard has lots of advantages, easier and cheaper to mail being almost as important as the cost of production. But when placed next to jewel cases, it does not receive the same appreciation from the customer. I have started asking the question... why not... so far the comments have to do with CD storage once they get it home... and nothing to do with the quality or the product but more about how will they keep them at home.

It took me a while to make the decision, I'm a couple weeks behind schedule, but I finally made it this morning. I'm going with the Digi packs. I agree with Buck that the wallet style looks cheap when you display them on a table. The jewel looks nicer, but is becoming less popular due to 1. cracking problems during shipping and handling and 2. enviormental concerns due to all the plastic. The enviromental issue is important to many of the groups I tell to (and me) so I have to take that into consideration. I also have a pre-order for at least 100 to be part of a gift bag - so avoiding the cheap appearance factor is important, (the digi-packs also have a spine). The digi packs are the most expensive - more even then the jewel cases. I think if I create a CD for PR purposes only, I'd go with the wallet---My last steps are figuring out how to pay for the one song I used, finishing the art work/copy and sending it in.
I wonder if a year and a half has made an difference to environmentally concerned customers. I personally appreciate the cardboard wallet cases more.
Buck, Rivka, have you had any different reactions?




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