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Sit down for a moment and write out all the places where you HAVE told (past tense ad infinatum)

Now look at the list. Who are you customers? Put them into venue categories.

Now write out a list of all the places you want to tell. Look at the list. Who do you want for customers? Put them into venue categories.

Now look at your categories. What are the needs of each of these groups?

How can you meet those needs? Make another list for each venue? Not of how you will benefit... How will your customers benefit?

Write a different sales scripts for each type of venue opportunity. Don't call them yet. Sleep on your script, next morning read it out loud... how does it sound? Conversational? Like a used car salesman (small caps intentional) Okay... rewrite it.

Now develop a "trickle" campaign... for each customer and potential customer in each of these categories. Make a mailing schedule... make sure they have at least five or six written (or email) contacts from you before you "cold call" them.

Wait don't call them yet. Do you have your rebuttals written? If they say "this;" then I am going to say "that" and if they say "but" I am going to say "yes but did you think about this?"

okay, get out your phone numbers

And your script(s)

And your rebuttals

Now pick the receiver and cold call.

Now change you ideas about cold calls... who knows you might turn them into GOLD CALLS.

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great info and ideas, I am in the process of trying something like this. I haven't put it on paper yet, but now I think I can.
You are so right-on with this advice. Since I've "gone down this road" a few times, I know your suggestions work. Sometimes it seems a bit bothersome to make those lists, but every time I don't take time to plan, the results are not as good as I had hoped. Having a sharp focus, a good plan and doing what seems like boring office stuff is the answer. Thank you for another reminder about good marketing practices.
Best wishes,




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