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When do you send off your marketing materials to schools, conferences, associations? How do you manage your timetable?

I've been at this for years now.  I have a family and began homeschooling with performances on the side.  Best put, I delayed my career to remain home to teach my children, who are now all young adults.  So, I have been working on the delicate balance of bringing in immediate income as a storyteller and sending out information for consideration in future events.  The two always seem to clash.  How do you manage your marketing so that there is an even flow and rhythm for connecting and developing relationships with potential clients/planning coordinators etc.?

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Presently I have a times of the year that are best suited for certain March for Women's Month, Black History Month, October is the month for Domestic Violence Awareness (quite frankly I think this should have been set up for or near the super bowl ... it is a consistent time of year when domestic violence increases).  In any case, The problem with organizing the best time is about when and following a system that works for the client, event coordinator's timetable for considering who would best meet the needs of their audience.  Ideas?  Thoughts?

Don't just send once a year.  Categorize your potential clients -- including past clients -- and send them p.r. targeted to their market and your target topics.  People need time to book their programs and lots of time to think of you when that topic comes up.  That's why I say: Don't just send once a year.




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