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This group is to discuss the in's and out's of Marketing and self promotion.

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Marketing; The business of selling Storytelling

This group was started to discuss "best practices" for everyone to gather the things they can use and be exposed to the things others are doing. Join us, for some discussions, interesting questions, practical answers and the insight of experience as we mull over what it takes to increase our exposure as Professional Storytellers.

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Started by Don 'Buck P' Creacy. Last reply by Don 'Buck P' Creacy Feb 21, 2012.

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Started by Don 'Buck P' Creacy. Last reply by Christi U. Jul 15, 2011.

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Comment by Christi U. on February 17, 2011 at 11:53am
Thanks, Buck, for elaborating. It definitely helped me in clarification. I'll add this to my notes for research.
Comment by Don 'Buck P' Creacy on February 16, 2011 at 9:54pm
Okay I will try to answer Christi's and Kathy's Questions in one comment.  Wish me luck. What is SCORE? The Service Corp Of Retired Executives. You can find out a lot about them by just going to It is a free Small Business Counselling service, created to help new and struggling small businesses of all types succeed and conduct business in an orderly fashion. They help with everything you want them to help you with... for example. I fielded an idea off of them once and they asked good questions and helped me discover what I actually wanted to know... "Is this a good idea and will it fly long enough to be a sustainable business?" The answer was no. But that saved me a whole bunch of money that I didn't spend on an idea that I fell in love with... but couldn't make happen.

Banks view business plans as formal analysis documents of the function and structure of a business. They want to know who your customers are, how you get paid, do you get paid often, do you have competition, and lots and lots of other questions that I had never even considered not even once in my long life. The software I was talking about "Marketing Plan Pro" Steps you through the business plan process very meticulously, you have to commit to paper, exactly, who your ideal customer is, how you will connect with them and how you will sell them your service and why they should yours and not everyone else's. Don't mistake an outline for a Business Plan. Don't think just because you know who you have worked for in the past that you are serving your best customers. And please don't think because you are working that you are doing all that you can to "market yourself."

Kathy asked me to elaborate on how it has made a difference in my business. I can say without flinching that I know exactly who my ideal customer is, I know precisely where they are and how to get in touch with them, not only that I know what they need to hear from me and their own frustrations about their need and I also know, exactly, what my services will solve and provide for them, (for years I thought I was selling entertainment, boy, not even close).

All of that and that is just for starter's dear. As we go along here in the Marketing Group. I will take tidbits and talk about them here. But don't wait for me... by the way I am not selling this guy's books for him on commission. as I was saying, don't wait for me, go buy the book, get the software, hide out from the TV and PHONE and dig in and be prepared to come out the other side with a different look at marketing.

I know I did. Now you should know that in my library, I have about 25 books on marketing. I have read every one of them and I have to admit... I have had a paradigm shift with the book "Duct Tape Marketing." And the software is icing on the cake. How has it affected my business? In every aspect, from what I send out in emails, to what I do on my webpage, to the printed material I mail or post, everything, you name it, business cards, colors for my stationary, eventually even the way I will answer the phone.

Hope this helps.
Working America's Storyteller
Comment by Don 'Buck P' Creacy on February 16, 2011 at 10:40am To learn more
Comment by Christi U. on February 16, 2011 at 10:11am
What exactly is SCORE? How does one contact them?
And the software... You said it helps you "focus on who your customers really
are and how to get their attention and creates at the same time a legitimate
business that any bank will recognize", but how? In what way? I'm using Google
docs to help organize my information right now, but I'm always interested in
learning more.
Comment by Kathy Price on February 16, 2011 at 8:20am

Hey Buck

Could you elaborate on how it made a difference in your business?


Comment by Don 'Buck P' Creacy on February 16, 2011 at 6:26am
Ramona; Please spend the money and buy the software too.  You won't be sorry.  It is perfect for us, storytellers and small business owners.
Comment by Ramona King on February 15, 2011 at 9:24pm
Buck, I just got your message on the Duct Tape Marketing and Marketing Plan Pro. You, my dear friend are a gem. Thanks. -Ramona
Comment by Don 'Buck P' Creacy on February 15, 2011 at 9:12pm
Just sent everyone a note about Duct Tape Marketing and Marketing Plan Pro. I hope you will investigate this book and software... it has make a huge difference for me.
Comment by Kathy Price on October 23, 2010 at 11:00am
Thanks Buck! Yes...Gonna join this morning!

Carles,that issue about creativity and art versus art/commerce and how that is perceived by external & critical judgement...
I struggled with that spiritually all on my judgement from anyone..

and that becomes passe and moot, when you need to pay your
and then those judements are simply bland noise. I found it extremely helpful, however to have a network of as much support as you did, from likeminded artists... as much as I could to garner support and expertise around profit and art. That is an ongoing process. Ironically it began when I was involved with running a performance poetry non-profit ...we ..(my tiny staff) vowed to run the organization as a for-profit probably the successful non -profits do....but I had trouble for a long time making that leap for myself as an individual artist.

Fortunately in NYC/USA there are organizations that support art and business profit and the artist.

I've since learned the four can not only co-exist but enable the abilty to create more art and therefore more service and love and healing to the world.
Fortunately as with this organization, Professional Storytellers..the internet closes the wider circle of the world, so that if that kind of support is not readily availalbe in does not negate or block the support that you are entitled to have,even if elsewhere.

Oblivious,though?...Oon the contrary's probably helpful to have a business adviser who can appreciate wthat you do...or is very knowledgeable about your work to better advise you...perhaps you mean ...detached from the emotional connection to the work..and who is able to advise as a pragmatic ..
Comment by Clare Muireann Murphy on October 23, 2010 at 10:42am
Dear Carles

I think that is an exciting idea. It reminds me of another idea I saw with a group of actors. They formed a collective and paid for an office and equipment. Everyone would do one day a week at the office (or whatever schedule suited) and in that time they would receive work calls, book gigs, do promotion work, look over contracts. That might be too much organisation for storytellers, but maybe finding a good partner is the way to go.

I like it. It's about finding someone who has the time and energy to do it with you.

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