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We use props to help people with developmental disabilties connect to the stories we tell through manipulatives, things to smell, things to feel, etc.  Our work is based on the work of a UK organization called Bag Books (

To see how props can work with these special audiences, check out our new video at:


I'd love to hear your thoughts!



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Hi Gwen,

It would also seem like a good approach with Alzheimer's audiences.

I was surprised as I expected a video, you even said it would be a video, but when I clicked, the picture disappears and I'm just hearing audio.  For something advocating multi-sensory storytelling, it seemed to go opposite its philosophical existence. 

Hee!  It's supposed to be a video -- you're second person today who's told me it's not working.  I'll have to look into it.

I agree, Lois, that this has applications for people with cognitive differences across a wide spectrum and would love to have a chance to see how this approach would work with people with dementia.



Ok -- we've moved the content to YouTube -- hopefully you can see it now!




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