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Randel McGee just started a forum about Social Media by mentioning his son's blog on the topic of how to use the ever expanding computer social networks for promoting your work and art. This is an area where there must be search engines I'm missing. I know Ning lets you search for Ning groups by topic. Is it that simple? Go to Facebook, for example, & prowl their topics? If you're primarily looking at a specific geographical area, is that possible, too?

Once you find those areas that match your venues, what are the good ways, yes, & the bad ways to promote yourself?
LoiS(earching, but not satisfied yet with what I've found)

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I started a NING for my podcast - for listeners to use as a forum.
The cool thing about it is if your already signed up to professional storyteller - you can join under the same user name and password.

I have a facebook presence both for the podcast and myself
My Facebook Page
The Art of Storytelling with Children

I think the Facebook world is great way to connect with people who are of like mind and younger then 30 or 40 on average. It will become more important over time as the population gets older. I really like the social networks for the new faces I see outside of the storytelling world. Bur I find that I really have to watch my time and protect myself from wasting energy on constant contact burn out.
Brother Wolf
One example: three years ago, when I was performing out of town at a Fringe Festival where I knew all of two people, I used Google to find both an online entertainment/local news portal for the area and a local business email list. The portal featured blogging and commenting, so I could network with other performers plugging their shows, and post my own press releases. The local business email list I used to solicit questions about where I could find a videographer, sound equipment, and lodging... obliquely promoting my show along the way. That is, I didn't want to shout COME SEE MY SHOW to a list not meant for promotion, but participated in the list as "I need some assistance because I'm coming to town to do a show."

In addition, I found groups within MySpace and Livejournal totally focused on Entertainment and Events in that local area where promotion was expected. These don't show up readily on Google, but since I was already part of both those sites, I was able to find them via the internal search.

(This was in the pre-Facebook era... and in my experience so far, Facebook is really hit-and-miss in terms of event promotion. It's really designed for person-to-person networking... which can work but you need more time to build a network)

I haven't tried Ning yet to search out geographical or thematic areas. I think it would work... but Ning is much more participatory. So it might work IF you fit in with the Ning sites you'll join, and not just show up to promote yourself. (You'll notice, for example, that several people have joined Professional Storyteller solely to promote their books. They don't get much attention because they don't participate here, just show up to toot their own horn (and possibly not even realizing they're in the wrong niche). They'd get a better response if they shared their expertise, asked questions, and joined in the discussions here.)




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