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Hello Everyone

As you might imagine I am really examining a lot of the stuff that we talk about here at Professional Storytellers. Eric has a great podcast and I listened recently to his podcast with a different ear. A structure ear... actually I was reverse engineering it and yes I have a reason. I want to do some podcast... and soon. One thing that struck me was the cool music he had and having done some work in music I am very aware licenses to use music and the difficulties of getting your friends to "just lay down some cool grooves" for you... well me. Which brings me to something that Doug Lipman had in his True Connection Marketing Course. By the way, I took that course... it is good... I don't think I was a very good student cause I wouldn't do the homework online. But I have lots of notes and I think I can use his methods to make and keep "true connections" with my markets. I recommend it... really. But anyway, here is a link to get some nearly free music. How does $20 bucks sound... really good... go listen. Yep, nearly creates high quality music for media production. If you create a free account using my referral link, they will give you one free song.

Here's how: Click this link, then create a free account (it takes about a minute):

Note: You can be assured that will not give away your info. They send out one e-mail per month when they release their new songs.
That link will get you to where you can create an account.

Give it a listen... as always... if you hate it... don't use it. Tell them Buck P Creacy sent you.

Have a great night.


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Another great place to get music for free is the podsafe music network

Witch is compeletly free until of course you want to sell your podcasts...

You can't beat free!

The industry standard for music as a part of an audio project is $150 to $250 per song per project.
So that music during those audio books - somebody got $200 bucks for the trouble.

Good luck!
Hi guys,
I know this discussion looks as if it died, but I've a thought to add. Why buy canned music? O.k. royalties can be scary, but 2 types of music are still possible. Classical & folk, although the latter can be tricky being sure it's truly public domain. Find a musician or music instructor with good students & have them record what you need. O.k. maybe that's only a step away from what you describe about the difficulties of getting your friends to "just lay down some cool grooves" for you, but it's a big step & I'm betting it will sound fresher & be more in tune with what you tell than stock music.
I had a local music camp give me the rights to use there orchestra performance - (Tim E. said it sounds great) Other then that - I have had a terrible time finding and recording other artists - mostly artist seem to be afraid of being taking advantage or otherwise are just ignorant of the economics involved. Some want as much as $1000 to $2000 right up front.

I agree your idea is sound - but it can be a lot of work
- What art is not worth the effort?




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