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With its ease of use, its built-in limitations, and its encouragement of tweeting any thought that comes to mind, Twitter has been accused of being shallow, mindless, and pointless. Granted. But sometimes, the 140-character answer to the question "What are you doing?" can pack an emotional wallop:

Tweet: Getting transported to NICU for C-section immediately. Baby has a heart defect. Not sure what's going to happen. I'll update after delivery.

My brother writes about how sometimes, a tool for sharing pointless humor can be a tool that gets you through very dark times:

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I would like to suggest that twitter and Facebook are both forms of communication that on the short term are gratifying but on the long term take us out of the now with painful and disastrous long term results in the social fabric of our society. Not that this effect is exceptional or worse then TV or video games… but the great thing is that oral narrative can bring us back to that reality very quickly.




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