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I'm trying to figure out how to create multiple pages on my Blogger blog. What I've done so far is create a separate blog address for each page, then link them. It's cumbersome. I see some people have what I think are called "post pages," where they keep the same address, yet have multiple pages.

Blogger technical help is not written for ordinary mortals. Can anyone help me engineer this feat? is a good example of this. is my multi-address site. And I thought I was soooo clever

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Okay you are already doing this. They don't have multiple pages, they just link to their previous posts as if they were pages.

BUT..First, to help others see what you did:

1. Log into your blogspot account. That will take you to your dashboard.

2. Under "Manage Blogs" click on the word "layout" under the blog
you want to update.

3. On the next page there will be several areas
of your blog that you can update. In
one of these areas, click on
"Add a Gadget"

4. On the page that pops up,
scroll down just a bit until you get to
the gadget that reads;

Add a list of your favorite books, movies, or anything you like."

and click on the blue box with the white + sign in it.

5. In the box that pops up, you can now name
this gadget anything you want. You can then select
how many things you might want in this list. You then
add a title and the URL. This is what Nathan has done under
his "queries page."

BUT... you have already done this.

You also have done this under LINKS.

So, write a blog posting about your workshops in your main
blog and post it there on your main blog. Then, cut and paste the URL from that
new posting into your LINKS box, replacing the link you have now to a brand new
blog for each subject. That's overwhelming.

BUT....maybe this isn't the real issue?

I think the issue really is that you want blogspot to do
what it isn't meant to your main website with
a static front page.

It can be done with blogger software and
that software is called Wordpress.

I am doing this with the face lift to my site
I am working on at
That site is a work in progress, so there are holes in it still.

BUT.... good on you for having a web presence. Yay!

I hope my rambling helps. At 1:10AM.
Thanks Sean and all, I think I'm getting the hang of it. But hoo boy, I need to be clearer. is an example of what I don't want to do with my new blog. I want that home page to be static, and the site will stay as is. You're absolutely right, Sean :-D I can't even stand the thought of a static website, though. I am in inveterate editor.

I'm asking on behalf of my new blog, As you can see, in two weeks it's become unwieldy. I want to organize it as a fluid entity, like Nathan's. I already have as individual topics: I Love Craigslist, Vancouver in Snow, and Baba's proverbs and advice. I also want it on separate pages to encourage people to comment.
Hi Melanie,

Yes, it's the new Layout I need to explore and get used to. When I joined Blogger in the old days
(2006) :-D Add a Gadget and the rest of that page were not present. You had to do everything by editing HTML within the template. So I taught myself HTML and did it longhand. Now I see you can do much more with the new system. My old blog, reisastone, cannot be edited to have that new Layout. Blogger warns that my customizations will be lost.

However, I will fiddle with what you and Sean have described inside Layout on the new blog. There's something I'm just not "getting," but the click will happen. Then the new writevancouver blog will be this insane, sprawling empire like the old one. But far more interactive.
Oh all you guys, remember I said it was right under my nose?

When you go into Edit Post, there's a blank space under the post called Labels. You simply type a word or words into that box, and Blogger creates a list of links to your posts, organized either alphabetically or by frequency of topic.

Then, if you go to Layout and look at Gadgets, your list of Labels shows up under, ta dah!---Labels!

You don't have to do another thing. The organized Labels show up automatically on your blog. No need for HTML coding unless you want something more complicated.

When you click on the link to a Label, e.g. Dogs, all your posts about Dogs will show on one page.
I'm not a Blogger user but I'm pretty sure what you want to do is impossible in Blogger. The good example blog you mention doesn't seem to do it, it just has links to its own posts and some external sites. This issue is exactly why most serious bloggers don't use Blogger as a platform - it's too basic. Wordpress is free and offers almost complete adaptability. Setting up involves a little technicality, or using an ISP that offers one-click installation, but after that you have all the choices you want. (Just notice, and offer different services.) One way to easily get extra Pages ready to use, and listed on your menus, is to pick one of the thousands of templates that has them already set up.

There's another feature you may be after, which you might be confusing with the Pages that you've cunningly imitated through multiple sites. There's an option, presumably in Blogger too, to set your blog to do Permalinks (may be named differently). This structures your blog layout so that each post is not only listed on a long page, but has its own page too. This means you can create web links to each separate post, so others can easily find older posts or create permanent references to them, and also you can highlight your own greatest hits etc. Once you've chosen this option - and it's the only way to get your blog really popular since others can link to each article of interest - then clicking on the title of any post will take you to that post on its own page, with all the navigation intact to the rest of the blog. This isn't the same as special Pages mentioned above, which are permanent information not blog posts.

Hope this helps!
I think what you want to do is have a static site and a blog using the blogger platform?

Yes? I use both blogger and wordpress....
and wordpress is sooo much better - you have no idea.
But blogger is more user friendly - you think your having problems now with finding technical help! ha!
Blogger is not designed to do what you want to do - however you can cheat - as Sean outlined using the link function - you can create a list of previous posts as links in the side bar.

If your wanting to build a long term investment of a website with static pages and blog posts I would switch to a wordpress site. While we are on the topic of your site. Why don't you buy your own URL then you can point it to whatever platform you decide on. Just looks that much more professional.

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