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Facebook now has almost twice the numbers of Myspace users globally.

In the U.S., more people use MySpace than Facebook.
That is likely to change in 2009, according to TechCrunch's reading of the numbers.

And the latest numbers on demographics show that 70% of internet users (over the age of 15) in the United States have posted a profile on some online social network. (In Canada: 86.5%; in the UK: 78.4%; Australia 67.5%)

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Finding that Myspace never really gets my attention and is becoming mostly a music/movies site. Discovering, however, that both Twitter and Facebook are proving to be fertile grounds for additional relationships and new engagements.
If Myspace becomes the de facto site for (young(?)) people to interact with their choice of consumable media (whether that be a movie, music, or comedy)... even if it continues the linear producer-to-consumer model of media before the Web (and I'm not convinced it will, but say it does, only with no gatekeeper for determining who's a producer)...

this would still make it a potentially essential marketing tool for the 21st century performing artist...

even if it is not as enriching as Twitter or Facebook.
Well, I haven't completely dropped it yet. I don't care where my audience comes from :-). However, my focus and niche are not on myspace.
I use facebook to build and direct listeners to my podcast with a lot of success.
I think that a lot of the myspace numbers are lost or forgotten nonactive accounts.

I have seen artists (music,visual,spoken) with myspace accounts that they do maintain and update weekly. I hate to admit - that you might be right Tim about the reality of myspace for any ongoing audio artistic project.

I don't have a cell phone for health reasons - My cousin last week was texting on hers and fell down three flights of stairs - spent the weekend near death in intensive care unit near death.
So I don't really get into to twitter - but facebook updates are addictive.

storyteller Eric Wolf
I don't have a cell phone, but use Twitter via my Web browser, since I am online most of the day. I don't even have to visit the Twitter web site: Twitterfox is an app that allows me to use Firefox to read and send via Twitter. In addition, I re-route the RSS feed from Facebook updates to a private Twitter account which then updates me through Twitterfox.
I use my Twitter to update my facebook.

I spend 30 minutes mid morning and late night everyday working on Twitter, plus an some fun forays into Twitter as my day goes by and if I am sitting amy computer. Three of my daughters and one of our guinea pigs use Twitter so their notes come to my cell phone, via my choice.

A cell phone is not required for Twitter. Participation in the community is needed for Twitter to have any value at all.

I pop into Facebook once a day to add nuggets of information and mostly just to read. Just started an add campaign there, too.

Myspace is currently on hold for me. Not sure what to do there. A few of my friends including one of my younger (adult police officer) brothers still sends me real messages via Myspace. Funny.

I have had bookings because of Twitter and Facebook. I can not directly trace any to Myspace, but that does not mean it has no value. It is possible that CD sales have come from Myspace, but I am not sure.
Recently I was viruled this video on Facebook.
Pretty good demonstration on what to be aware of on FB and Myspace




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