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You probably have learned that a hashtag, that is, a word preceded by the # symbol, allows you to track conversations on Twitter.

However, #storytelling

as a hashtag, has little to do with oral storytelling.

There are a few oral storytellers who use it, but you will also find it referring to journalism, screenwriting, transmedia narratives, personal branding, marketing, personal memoir, songwriting, photography, filmmaking, and documentaries.

By all means, add the # if your tweet contains the word "storytelling."

However, use hashtag #storysat to connect with other performing storytellers.

Primarily, this tag is used on Saturdays (it is an abbreviation of "Storytelling Saturdays"), and so for used by oral storytellers in North America and Europe to share news, links, and messages among the performing storytelling community.

You can search for "#storysat" to find the tweets. Add #storysat to your tweets to join the conversation.

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Hi Tim,

Joining my voice in to emphasize how important this is if you're on twitter. Even if you're not very active, at least share storytelling related news on content on twitter - even if it's not yours.





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