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at over 700 members, this site has enough critical mass to keep going...
but it's woefully underused.

What would make this site more useful to you?

I'll soon post a simliar query to the front page forums... but I thought I'd start with this group.

What features do you find helpful on other social networking sites, and would work here (if only people used them)?

I suspect it would only take a handful of dedicated and enthusiastic pushers to get this site to its tipping point (where it would be an essential site for storytellers)


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One thought:
encourage administrators of these "groups" to appoint a second and even third administrator to share moderating/clean up duties.

Also encourage administrators to turn off comments on the main group page.
(Because of Ning's confusing UI, newcomers tend to post directly on the landing page on the group and join any discussions)

Great idea Tim!! You wnat the job?

Part of what I like about the ning is the tendency to not repeat conversation as happens on the listserv where I sometimes feel like I am on a hamster wheel.

A benefit that many people are not aware of and do not take advantage of is the stellar power of links from this site to other sites. I am always confused by tellers who do not have links form their ning home page to their home page.

i think that one of the drawbacks to social networking sites is that it requires constant attention and focus form some administrator - I am impressed with Dianna's dedciation so far I administer two much smaller NINGs and the spammers are just terriable and outragous.

Eric Wolf
Yours in Storytelling
Hi Tim,

This group is stellar. The topics could not be improved, and when discussions get going, they are on fire.

The only thing it needs is more participation.

This is true for the entire site. I don't know what to suggest. Maybe the site needs to reach an overall critical mass of thousands in order to be truly active. I belong to the AOL Books & Writers community, where one thread can have hundreds of replies, and go on for a year. But it's been active for over 20 years, and has many thousands of readers.

I also suspect there is a lot of communication going on via private emails here. Storytellers are a friendly and social bunch. I do a LOT more emailing back and forth on this site than on the other. Storytellers are verbal and immediate. Writers like to write.

I hope it picks up, but....

I just started a very specialized ning site for those interested in storytelling in Michigan & am experiencing a similar issue. Folks tell me they are pleased to have the opportunity to network & also promote themselves & events, but they're mainly a group unaware of how to maximize the site. It sometimes feels as if I'm too visible with Forum questions (it's only had a response or 2); our only 2 groups so far -- FAQ & 1 called Michigan Storytelling -- which may be getting read, but have yet to be questioned, commented, or have any other response; & my own blogging.

Why did I not make it a Group here? Because many of the people I'm reaching or want to reach don't feel this is a place for their level of storytelling involvement. I know, I know, it's not that way, but most are not into social networking.

So consider that site a microcosm of P.S., it just started at the beginning of this month & has 27 members. Do I have an answer for you? Nope. I'm definitely seeking it for there & also want to see it here, too. I've noticed currently the interest & activity here seems to be going through an international stage, while many of the people who've been here a while seem to have become less active.

The more either site is used, the more useful it will become. If people here or there take enough steps to become aware of what's available, maybe, when they need answers, this will come to mind. Is that your tipping point? I don't know. I know I come to this site & look at Forum, Blog list, & Groups checking to see the latest activity. If there's something interests me enough to comment, only then do I sign in. Sometimes I also come in response to an update on something I've said or something in my Inbox. If others are doing the same, the posted activity may not reflect the full traffic here. Might ning or some app. post the # of Visits!? Kinda like the old MacDonalds' signs of how many burgers were sold.

All that said, I find myself more at home with the less frenetic feel of ning sites (I'm also on another 1 for puppetry) as compared with other social networks.




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