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Hat tip to Sue Black for pointing to this Op-Ed in the Chicago Tribune:

I am a member of the Facebook generation and I hate it, along with MySpace, LinkedIn and every other social networking site.

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Backlashes happen when people are getting tired of the media's over-enthusiastic hyping, the topic has become mainstream enough for everyone to have heard of it, and in order for the media to carry on to carry on regardless they have to adopt a negative tone instead. If any hint of a negative trend is starting I don't see it as any more than the recognition that some people recognise that some of the hype has been too starry-eyed, or that social networking isn't for everyone.

Social networking sites are still growing rapidly, so they're serving the needs of plenty of people still. And they are maturing, getting more specialised and functional. Lots of people are discovering the drawbacks of the early versions of networking sites and demanding improvements, so the whole field will both evolve and fragment as different people try different solutions. So far I like the Ning model for our community's needs - it seems reasonably helpful and well featured, not that we really use half the features yet. What's the way forward for us?
I like this article, Tim and Sue. I, too, despise Facebook and MySpace. Why? What she said. I was on Facebook, and cringed every time someone from my past who had never bothered to look me up otherwise, sent me a curt form message to "join my network." I joined a couple of animal lover groups, and was spammed relentlessly with every animal rights cause and event in North America. Basta! Enough!

I resent that these venues require me to join before I can look someone up---even if they've invited me. I won't do it. I say, "Sorry, I'd love to look but I'm not a member." Yes, I am an old fashioned crank. Why? Apparently because I enjoy social courtesies.

That said, I love Ning, my Writers Forum on AOL, and Blogger. Why? Because we can talk like human beings, albeit electronically. I am stringent about who I Friend, and have an online community that praises me when I express myself well, and chides me when I don't. When I send a group message to my Friends, I feel it may be of general interest to people who have expressed interest in me, and I in them. It's not just "marketing."

I agree with the writer about the narcissism of inane posts. Buddy, I don't want to know what your toenail clippings looked like this morning. Unless you can turn nail clipping into a story that highly amuses or enlightens me, please keep it to yourself. Twitter horrifies me. People send messages every few minutes saying what they're doing? In God's name, why? I am of the bent that cell phones are for real estate agents and when someone you love is in critical care. Twitter is an unspeakable invasion.

I blog because I love to write. I read blogs. Good blogs that show a flair for writing. Not ones about your breakfast, what you listen to on your iPod, or as I said, toenail clippings.
Let's play, it's 1:45 AM!

Meh.... I read the article and it's a anti-narcissism rant done by a narcissistic 20-something-esque person. Just an editorial. So... here's my navel gazing back at ya...

We (society) don't yet know what good is truly going to come from social networking. I am, however, having a blast with Twitter and have started to make some very good connections. But, I am not there to sell anything. I was Twittering pretty early on. As relationships grow on Twitter, some cool connections have started and some RL (real life) contacts have begun that might turn into possibilities- such as a very interesting person being a guest in our Mastermind calls.

Marketing for me is relationships. I can't separate the two. I am at my heart and soul a squishy storyteller. My presence anywhere speaks of who I am and what I do. If some people use a paid service that I offer because of that, cool. But, I give away a great deal of my time, talent, treasure and services. Also cool.

I am not afraid of making a living as an artist, either. Maybe social networking will help. Who knows?

I also don't pretend that I: [insert laughing here] would never be caught dead talking about filthy, foul money and, oh my gawd, selling my art. That is for the great unwashed!!! Yeah, take yer outrage and condescension to pay your bill at the utility companies, artistes.[stop laughing here]

This site isn't free. Blogspot isn't free. See those ads over there >>>>>> ? If people don't click them enough, NING will slam closed like a butcher shop on a Friday in Lent.

The real apps for Twitter have yet to be discovered. Very few people actually answer the question "what are you doing?" and rather use Twitter to micro blog. I think it's still in the early-adopter stage- and I love being such an adopter. I also taught a blogging trick with Twitter in the Grumpy Burgers course. It's a tool.

We really don't know where this is going yet. It's too early.

But, reflectively:

People SCREAMED at me when I started, too. "What the hell are you doing to storytelling! The Internet is going to ruin everything. Who do you think you are?" was a first-generation attempt at community and social networking. Way ahead of its time. Now, I and many many many others can't imagine their careers without the Internet. The fact that we are here on this site proves that.

When we offered audio stories at, that too was going to be the END OF THE WORLD "what if people download and play my stories whenever they want??!! without paying??!!" Now, a legend like Syd L. put out his entire collection for free on the web and his sales have grown in huge jumps.

When we did the Amphitheater, "podcasting" before "podcasting" was a word, people said the same thing..."What if they SELL my interview?" Even my business partner thought I was nuts. Now, Eric Wolf expanded the idea with wonderful new tools and people say he is a genius for dozens of interviews. Perhaps he is!

Time reveals. The same will be true for social media.

LOVE this discussion!
Wait can I pocket you and carry you around to pull out when I need it?

I dont' know if I am genius - me and you are in some ways made of the same cloth. I just have one great weakness I can't write. Not on the scale required to be successful at social networking.

I went to a great seminar by a guy who had got his job working for a hundred thousand dollars a year because of his podcast. The seminar was called Why podcasting sucks
The key idea is that podcasting is not growing at the rate that twitter, FB, blogging or video sites. He is right people are not being drawn into podcasting - they are burning through twitter - 80% failure rate after six months. But the people who stay don't care.
If you are a die hard twitter (or podcast listener) user you don't care if 80% of the people who have new accounts don't use them ever again. You just care that those real contacts who are on your list are your captures.

The jury on FB is in - fan pages are a requirement of good biz practice.
The temptation to mix personal accounts with biz is cross message and distractive to your brand.

What I read into this article is that old media is scared of new media and they don't understand the new rules anymore more. They dont understand that relationships and being reliable is more important then
saying how importnat you are. They don't understand that google is where it's at for the moment. They don't understand that we all own a printing press - it's called a computer and if we care to build the network we all can publish with allt he benefits and rewards / headache that brings.

Dream on old media - you in for rude awaking...

As for FB - set a standard and follow it - if your FB contact - notice I didn't day friends don't meet it - get rid of them. For me that standard is are they a storyteller?

Great Discussion - sorry I missed it till now.




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