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Hello all.

I tell my own original stories on radio.

Some of these stories are gathered together in a book: Barking Mad: Tales of Liars, Lovers, Loonies and Layabouts


To go a step further I had a number of them recorded for display on YouTube.

They were shot on professional equipment to a high resolution.

However, when I attempted to upload the AV file of 1.4 gigabytes for the first story Summer Loving to YouTube, it took ten hours. The system then declared it would be a further six hours for processing.

So we stepped down the file to mpeg4 which is now posted here

But, as you will see, the image is now soft whereas in the original it is pin sharp.

Two questions:

Does anyone have a solution to this uploading problem?
How do I embed a link here so that the YouTube video would play on this page if clicked upon?


Many thanks

Brendan Nolan

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Hey Brendon

That's a great question -

1) There is nothing really wrong with using MP4 version - most people will not be able to tell the difference between the two - unless they are editing it for you... in which case you really should just send it to them on a DVD.

2) The problem is in the creation of your MP4 - who ever is doing it - has the width not set right -  and video editing software is losing some pexils as it blurs down the size of the width and not the height - you look like your not as wide as you should be.   See that?  It also might be that you are using the wrong setting in your export setting you should be using a HD version of the Mp4 video.

3)  Too Embed - on Youtube click on the share button directly below your video - then click on the embed button.

  The code will appear - alter it by clicking the buttons and copy the code you need - send it to your webmaster.

There ya go - let me know how it works out... Eric Wolf




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