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Question of the Day: How does my Story Business compare to others in the business?

If you could ask any question of thousand storytellers about their business... what would you ask?

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I'd like to know how they started getting gigs.  I've been having babies and teaching part time as an adjunct professor, and very occasionally I have had an opportunity to tell stories, but my kids are finally getting old enough that I can actually leave them to go tell.  So where is the best place to start to drum up more shows?


I love to have a phone conversation with you about this topic.

Four parts to the answer:
1. Who's your preferred customer?
2. Where are they? (find EVERY venue within 30, 60, & 90 miles)
3. What are your programs? We need to talk about all of these point but especially this one
4. What will the market bear?




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