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A short mystical tale, The Palace and the Pigeons, A mystical tale about loss of precious possessions and the hope to return to their home and find peace and happiness


Tags: faith, hope, mystical, tale, wisdom

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Hi Rachmiel,

A timely story, especially at a time when hurricanes, typhoons and more have destroyed so many homes.  I had a bit of difficulty with your link, but found the story when I typed the title in your search box.  Guess I've been a long-time lurker on your many stories and, therefore, this group.  Was only able to reply by joining the group, that's the way PS requires group membership.  Could have sent this directly to you, but believe it helps for all of us to talk more on the public part of this network so people realize it's value and that it has activity, both publicly and in private.

Thank you for your continued activity here!




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