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Sharing the Fire, Northeast Storytelling Conference


Sharing the Fire, Northeast Storytelling Conference

2009 Sharing the Fire, Northeast Storytelling Conference March 20-22 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI

Location: LANES Inc. 411A Highland Avenue, #351Somerville, MA 02144
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Information for Sharing the Fire, the Northeast Storytelling Conference

Here you will find information for the leading Storyteller's Conference on the eastern Seaboard!

The Northeast Storytelling Conference

Sponsored by The League for the Advancement of New England Storytelling

This group is a place to share images, thoughts, and reviews of STF NESC.
As Andrea Lovett would say "If you liked something here this weekend please tell others. If you did not like something please tell us."

If you have constructive comments on how to improve future STF NESC please address your concerns, advice and wisdom to:

Lauretta Phillips storyteller
STF/NSC Event Manager

The addition of this STF NESC Group for LANES is a service to our members and others interested in storytelling. Please note that the information displayed and expressed on this page is provided by individuals and does not necessarily represent the opinion of the Board of Directors or the majority of members.

Photos of past STF NESC can also be found on our LANES blog created by Andrea at

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"A World of Storytelling" Radio Station

Started by Don 'Buck P' Creacy Aug 18, 2011.

Sharing the Flame igniting the torch 4 Replies

Started by Vernon L. Cox. Last reply by Vernon L. Cox Mar 26, 2009.

LANES Posts 3 Replies

Started by Vernon L. Cox. Last reply by Vernon L. Cox Aug 3, 2008.

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Comment by Vernon L. Cox on March 24, 2009 at 5:44am
Check out how my mistake was turened into a triumph by a swap group at STF NESC 2009.
Go to
Sharing the Flame igniting the torch
and read Swapped Hosts.

Thank You Cindy!
Learnin' Vernon
Comment by Sara Ransom on August 13, 2008 at 2:19pm
Well, well, well. I was a performing member of LANES back in the '80s, when I was living in Newburyport MA and LANES met in Cambridge. Just thought I'd join this group (even though I'm now in Durango, CO), and hear what's going on. Peace, Sara
Comment by Carolyn Stearns on July 28, 2008 at 10:14pm
I am so excited that I will be able to attend this year. Last year I had a job booked on that Saturday. This years location of Rhode Island is easy for me too.

On another note Csenge and I were visiting Old Sturbridge Village in Mass. this week and she agreed with my idea that it is a perfect setting for a future Sharing the Fire. They have the best collection of fireplaces around, a hearty meal at the tavern, performances with a built in Audience, and lots of lodging right nearby. Something to be considered possibly by whomever makes those selections.
Starting a site in here will have everyone excited about attending -great idea and another use of this wonderful internet tool! Carolyn
Comment by Vernon L. Cox on July 28, 2008 at 9:51pm

Call For Proposals

N E Storytelling Conference

From Oral Tradition to High Tech:

The Relevance of Storytelling for Our World

Valerie Tutson, Jay Alison, Keynotes

Crowne Plaza, Warwick, R I

March 20 - 22, 2009


Please follow the instructions carefully. Incomplete proposals will not be

~ Deadline: Friday September 5, 2008

~ You may submit up to 3 proposals but only one may be accepted

~ Please adhere to the specified word count for bios and descriptions where
noted; this information will be edited at our discretion if it is longer
than requested. Refer to your computer¹s word count tool to ensure accuracy.

~ When designing and presenting your material, be sure to clearly indicate
which of the following categories your workshop falls under : Education,
Technology, Spiritual, Beginners, Healing, Culture & Community, Marketing,
Master Tellers, Honing Skills/Coaching, and any other innovative ways that
you use storytelling.

~ Presenters of 90-minute sessions receive one day of the Conference at no
charge; intensive (3 hours) presenters receive both days of the conference
at no charge. In the case of co-presenters, the complimentary registrations
are split; 90-minute co-presenters each receive a half-day, and 3 hour
co-presenters receive one day each.

~ E-mail your complete proposal form(s) by SEPT 5, 2008 to:
Doria Hughes at
Note: If you wait until the last minute your computer may fail you & you
will miss the deadline!

Libby Franck, Workshop Committee Chair

Doria Hughes, Editor

Elisa Pearmain, Healing Track & CEUs

Lauretta Phillips, Educations PDPs & CEUs

Section 1

Presenter Contact information - Please type your name as you wish it to
appear in the program; be sure to include a phone number, an e-mail address
as well as your postal address.

Co-Presenter(s) ­ Include name and contact information for any

Section 2. Session Title (10 words or less). This title will be used in the
STF program book. It should attract attention to your session and identify
the topic in a short, catchy style.

Section 3. Workshop Type Please select and indicate the type of presentation
you are offering from the following list:

~ Workshop (90 minutes) should include participation and hands-on
activities, focusing on practical application of storytelling methods.

~ Showcase (90 minutes) Typically less participatory than a workshop.
Showcases might include: lecture; panel presentation; a focus on established
innovative storytelling programs, projects, or activities that could serve
as models for others; or a discussion/display of resources that have been
researched and collected. Showcases could demonstrate a program or technique
for potential use by other storytellers and/or groups, or introduce
information for further independent exploration by participants.

~ Coaching (90 minutes) Experienced coaches may submit. Please describe your
approach and coaching methods. Three coaching recipients will be chosen by
lottery FOR EACH COACHING SESSION; the session is open to all for
observation. Coaching recipients may not have been coached for the last 2
years at STF.

~ Intensive (3 hours) Practical, hands-on, interactive, and in-depth
workshop that requires a major block of time. The presenter(s) must plan
sufficient material to engage the participants in a deeper learning


· If you wish to submit your proposal in more than one type (Workshop and
Intensive), please describe how you will approach it differently in each
time slot. Make this information obvious in one proposal only so that the
reviewers will be able to differentiate what you are planning to do that is
unique to each.

· If you submit a proposal as both Workshop and Intensive it may only be
accepted for one type.

· If you are submitting two different proposals, you must complete the
proposal form for each topic.

Section 4. Intended Audiences & Audience Level Indicate here your target
group(s), i.e. those people whom you feel would find your program
particularly useful (examples: teachers, clergy, librarians, lawyers, new
storytellers), Choose an appropriate designation from the following list of
Audience Levels:

~ Beginner Level : for those who may be experienced in their chosen field,
but new to storytelling performance

~ Intermediate Level : for those who are becoming comfortable performing in
a variety of settings

~ Advanced Level : for those who have many years of telling behind them

~ Youth Tellers : for those who are under 21

~ Open to All

Section 5. Workshop CATEGORY Where do you feel your workshop fits in?
Previous SESSIONS AND CATEGORIES have included: Healing, Technology, Culture
& Community (Ethnic Storytelling, Historical Telling), Marketing (the
Business of Storytelling), Education (Literacy, Storytelling in the
Curriculum: From Pre-School through College), Storytelling for Beginniners,
Tips for Master Tellers, Spirituality, Honing Skills/Coaching, and any other
innovative ways that you use storytelling.

Section 6. Synopsis Prepare a synopsis (60 words or less!) of your workshop
for the STF Conference program book and the LANES website. Include the
purpose and/or goal of your session and the target level of experience
(beginner, intermediate, advanced); list key points that will be covered.
Indicate any items participants will need to bring. Sell your topic!

Workshop Example:

"Jennifer Jacobson - Strategies for Effective Grant Writing²
Jennifer will lead participants through the process of writing a grant for
project-specific funding. Participants will work on creating a statement of
purpose, identifying goals, establishing a project timeline and drafting a
budget. Come ready to work on your next big idea and leave with an outline
for a grant.² (Beginning Level)

(50 word description)

Showcase Example:

³Andrew Potter - A Demonstration of the Digital Storytelling Workshop²
Digital Storytelling is the process of crafting short personal narratives,
using simple digital tools to bring them to life in a 3 - 5 minute
multimedia movie. This abbreviated demonstration describes the process of
Digital Storytelling: how it works, and how it is applied in social,
educational, and artistic contexts. Actual Digital Storytelling Workshops
are between 8 and 25 hours.² (Intermediate Level)

(60 word description)

Coaching Example:

³Leeny Del Seamonds - Master Coaching with Leeny Del Seamonds²
Bring your story to life with one-on-one master coaching. Develop
believable story characters with depth and distinction and use body
movements/mime, gestures, and vocal variety to breathe life into your story
and keep it tight. Three experienced tellers chosen by lottery will present
up to a 10-minute story or excerpt. Listeners always welcomed!² (Advanced

(53 word description)

Section 7. Bio Include a professional biography (40 words or less) for the
STF Program book. Please include your website & email address.

Section 8. Room set-up. Indicate your preferred room set-up: theater style,
U-shape, circle, etc .


___Flip charts & markers

___overhead projectors

___ screens

___LCD PROJECTORS (availability is limited)

___ Dvd/CD player

Lap top computers are the responsibility of the presenter.

Please consider your a/v needs carefully. Some workshops absolutely require
a/v equipment, while others can do well without them and they end up getting
in the way.

Section 10. References Please provide three references for your work as a
presenter and/or storyteller, with complete contact information, including
address, phone number, and e-mail, with a brief notation regarding the basis
for each reference.

Section 11. Description/Outline Prepare a description or outline of your
session for the evaluators (400 words or less) which address the two points

A. State specifically what you will accomplish, exactly how you will
accomplish it, and YOUR methodology (lecture, demo, discussion, hands-on,
WILL there be handouts, etc.). Include information regarding the percentage
of discussion, activity, and lecture.

B. Identify at least 3 specific learning objectives. These should reflect
what the attendee will know or be able to do after participating in your
session. Example: UPON COMPLETING this workshop, participants will be able
to analyze the teaching elements of a fairy tale; advertize their business
effectively; set up and maintain their own storytelling blog.

Section 12. Previous Presentation (optional) Provide information about
previous presentation(s) of this topic or workshop (when, where, how, and
for whom have you previously presented this topic or workshop), if
applicable. Prior presentation is not REQUIRED; we encourage submission of
new workshops. Coaching proposals, however, should indicate proven coaching

Section 13. Résumé Include a one-page résumé (400 words or less). BRIEFLY
describe your work and/or experiences in storytelling, presenting, coaching,
and/or teaching. Include relevent details which specifically relate to your
workshop submission that would be of interest to the EVALUATING committee.

Please cut and paste omitting these instructions, so that your
electronically submitted workshop proposal is not excessively long.
Comment by Vernon L. Cox on July 28, 2008 at 9:37pm

Experienced Storytellers are needed as Swap Room Hosts for the 2009 Sharing the Fire, Northeast Storytelling Conference March 20-22 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI

Each Swap room has a theme; to provide variety please choose from one of these themes: personal stories, tall tales, ghost stories, folk and fairy tales, or a specific theme of your choosing. You may submit up to three proposals with different themes. At least one of the Story Swaps each night is designated as a FREE STORY SPACE where folks share tales that may be freely retold. Swaps are free and open to the public. The rewards are Story Swap promotional listings and the joys of story exchange; there is no monetary compensation.

To submit a Swap Room Host proposal, please complete the following information:

1. Contact Information: Name Address E-mail address Phone

2. Bio (50-words or less)

3. Swap title and description (30-words or less)

4. Day & time preference (check all that you can do) ___ Fri night ___Sat afternoon ___ Sat night ___Sunday afternoon ___no preference

5. Are you willing to host a Free Story Space? Yes _____ No _____

6. Have hosted a story swap before? Yes ____ No _____ If so, where?

Submit by Sept 30th 2008

Submit to Vernon Cox (e-mail preferred; put "STF NSC Swap" in the e-mail subject line)
Or send snail mail to
Vernon Cox
665 SacoSt Lot 236
Westbrook Maine 04092
Please post mark by Submit by Sept 30th 2008

Notifications will be sent by November 11 2008
(current e-mail address or self-addressed stamped envelope is REQUIRED.)
For more information visit the LANES website at

Hosting a swap is a great opportunity to meet other tellers at the conference in an intimate and relaxed setting.
Hope to receive your proposal soon!

Learnin’ Vernon

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