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I've recently recorded my first two cds and have received them from the duplicators. I now want to have a release party. I've secured a site, and am ready to order invitations. I have a few storytelling friends that plan to join in on the evenings festivities. I plan to have refreshments, decorations, etc. I'd just like some input to help make this a memorable evening not only for me, but for my guests. I live in a very rural area in Southeastern KY and professional storytellers are few and far between in spite of the fact that we are only a couple of hours away from Jonesboro! I not only want to launch these cds, but launch storytelling into our area. Please give me suggestions.

Pam Holcomb

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Man alive I had a good time.
Hi Pam. At your release party, I bet you talked to lots of people who were interested in what you are doing - your CDs and your storytelling. Maybe some of those people would be interested in learning to tell stories, or just maybe in hearing stories. How about you starting a storytelling club that runs weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, and encourage people to "have ago", and others could be the audience?

You could make it a social occasion with everyone bringing a contribution of nibbles, have it in a local pub - or if you don't want a drinking crowd, then in a church basement or coffee shop, or even in your home. There are lots of possibilities, and your enthusiasm is the main ingredient that will make it work.

I'd like to see you post updates here to tell us what has happened after your CD launch, and whether the profile of storytelling in your area has been raised because of it.


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