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I know so many fine storytellers that are award winners. My question is - how, and to whom do we submit our own recordings for consideration?

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Grrrrreat question, Pam! I'd like to know as well. Anyone out there in the know . . . anyone???

Here is a bit of advice: Research who gives the awards. Then visit their websites and inquire about the criteria for submission.

The Story Quilters received A Gold Award from Parents' Choice for our 2000 debut recording. It was quite an honor, and eight years later our CD still has good sales, largely because of that little Gold Seal on each CD. In that case, we had to submit the CD to their review committee. We had to pay an entry fee, but it was well worth it.

BY THE WAY, our CD is available at

Check it out for an example!

Also, be sure that you are listening to plenty of award-winning recordings. You want to study their production values and how they are formatted for programming.

Other types of awards are given through nomination where colleagues, supporters or fans nominate you for an award.

Good luck!




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