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So, it took forever to find the right agent to represent me in the way that best reflects what I do as a storyteller.  I finally came to the conclusion that I would do better representing myself in ways that connect best with that special audience I serve.  I've decided I want a representative who is connected with the audiences I serve and knows my work well enough to speak the language that compels interest and bookings.

I haven't found that person yet.  Presently, giving energy to ... the business of storytelling.

So right now, I'm looking for an accountant.  One who is knowledgeable in the area of storytelling, New Mexico Law, and has worked with creative entrepreneurs.  So how do I go finding this gem of an accountant?  Any ideas? 

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Ramona, you can teach an Accountant about your business. You'll have to do that anyway. My suggestion, focus on getting the skills you want. Interview them like they are candidates to marry your sister. But first go make an appointment with SCORE. Service Corps of Retired Executives. This is a FREE service, and they can help you in ways you can't imagine. Including accountant help.

Hope this helps


Thanks, Buck.  I'll check out the link too.  

Here's another thought to add into the mix, Ramona.  Years ago on the international email list, Storytell, a storyteller pointed out the importance of having an IRS-enrolled agent.  I gave you the link to what they are as it also includes a FAQ.  I went looking and found one right near my home.  She's saved me money, answered questions, and I always feel like her status helps my filing.  Tried the computer programs before finding her and was scared at how open to interpretation some things were and the wide range of money to be paid or returned.  I know my accountant knows what the IRS accepts.  She has the tables of information related to expenses when I travel and when it's better to take the standard deduction or not. 

Thanks, Lois.  This is very helpful!




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