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Hello Everyone! 

Dr. Seuss's birthday is coming up in March and I would like to do a special storytime for that event.  Of course, I want to have a lot of audience participation.  Which one of his books have you tried for this with success?  My group is on the young side so that makes it challenging.  I have a broad age range of kids from 2-5.  Some of the 2 year olds don't talk much if it all.  The parents help with the audience participation though.  Any ideas?


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Hi Joanne,
Get some stiff green cardstock (or construction paper, but that tears a bit too easily) & have each parent trace around their child's pointer & middle fingers. Then have them add a bit at what will be the top of a pair of pants with pockets, belt loops, the zipper fly & fastener. Cut them out & tape the bottom of this headless, footless finger puppet to the child's fingers. (Older kids also might trace around their parent's fingers if time & abilities permit.) This produces the Spooky Pale Green Pants from "What Was I Scared Of?" found in the Sneetches & Other Stories.

While I'm thinking of it, The Sneetches is another great audience participation tale. Make a Star so that the kids can take it on & off "upon thars." Great fun on "wild screaming beaches" or wherever the tale's told.

My personal favorite is Green Eggs & Ham as it was the 1st story I ever told in voice & sign, but don't expect that would work for everybody. Still your group would enjoy learning some of the signs if you could get somebody to come in & sign it while you tell it.

Have fun with your Seuss-abration, the Doctor's Rx was always for fun.
Thanks Lois!

Lots of great ideas!





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