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I'm working on this story which is from personal experience but I'm telling it from the cat's point of view.  I haven't performed it yet.

Hello, I'm Fluffy and I'm going to tell you the story about how my family and I moved to Florida!

Once, I lived in California.  Oh!  I loved it in California!  It's so warm and sunny!  I lived in a beautiful house where there was lots of room to run and play.  I lived there with my sister, Blackie (who is black very original name, but you have to remember, the little girl who named her was four years old) Tiger (what do you think he looked like?  Yes, that's right!  He was a cat with stripes!)  And then there was me, Fluffy.  I'm Fluffy all over, that's why they call me Fluffy!   See!  I have a fluffy tail (preens tail)  I have fluffy ears (rubs ears) and I even have fluffy feet! (picks up feet). 

Well, one day, the Daddy of our house came home and said, "guess what children, we're moving to Florida!"  Well, all the children in the house were excited.  They jumped up and down and said "Yea Yea!  We're moving to Florida!"  My brother and sister jumped up and down and said "yea yea, we're moving to Florida!"  But I was not so happy.  I liked my beautiful house in California.  I was really sad.

Then I heard the Daddy say, "Yes children, one day a moving van will come to our house and move all our things to Florida!"  Well after that, I never wanted to hear the word MOVING VAN!  It made me so sad. 

But my brother, Tiger loved to torture his little sister.  After all, that's what brothers are for right? 

(Now I split the audience into two.  One side says "Moving Van!!"  the other says "Ahhh!"  And I tell them every time I wave my arms, they are to do the routine where one side says "moving van" and the other says "Ahhh!"

So the story continues

One day, I was playing with a ball of string.  I was having a wonderful time!  (mimes playing with a string.)  Just then, my brother, Tiger comes up.  "Hey Fluffy"  he says, "are you going to take that ball of string on the (waves arms)  Audience:  Moving Van!!! Ahhh!

Oh my!  That was horrible of Tiger to do that to me.  Well, one day, I was chasing a squirrel out in the garden (mimes sneaking up).  I was sneaking up on a squirrel.  Sneaking up...when Tiger pops up in front of me.  "Hey Blackie, maybe that squirrel will hide in the...

Waves arms.  Audience:  Moving van Ahhh!!!

Oh my goodness!  My big brother really loves to hear me scream!  Why do big brothers love to hear their little sisters scream?  Because it's fun?  Well, it's not fun for me!

The next day, I was sleeping underneath a sunny window.  It was my favorite lovely sunny spot.  I STRRRETCHED out.  I sretched out my front legs.  I stretched out my back legs.  And I started dozing off in front of the window.  Tiger comes along to snuggle next to me in the sunshine.  Ahhh!  Doesn't that feel good!  My eyes start getting heavy.
(Yawn!)  And I start to fall asleep.  Tiger looks up at me with his sleepy eyes and says, "Hey Fluffy, I guess it will be all dark in the..."

Audience:  MOVING VAN!!!   Ahhhhh!

I run after him this time!  I chase him all over the living room reeeeer!
I chase him up the wall!  reeeer! 
Then I chase him under my little girl's bed!

I hear Tiger growling under there.  Do you hear him?

What do kitties sound like when they growl?  "GRRRR!"

Then I hiss at Tiger.  What do kitties sound like when they hiss?
"Hissssss"  Now this side of the room go growl.  This side of the room go hiss (practice going growl and hiss).  It was a horrible fight!
What were we going to do?

Okay, I'm at an impasse at this point.  The plot hangs here.  I don't know where it should go.  They can't just have peace can they?

Well, here's a possible ending...

Just then, the door went Creeeeaaak!  In walked my little girl, Trisha.  She picked me up off the floor.  "Now stop that Fluffy!"  she scolded.  She scratched my ears.  Ohh!  That feels so good when she scratches my ears!  She scratched my ears some more.  I started purring.  Can you make that sound like the kitty purring?  It goes "purr, purr, purr."
Then I looked up at Trisha and somehow, I didn't mind the moving van anymore.  As long as I would have a little girl to pet me and scratch my ears, it would be okay.  "Let's go get you some tuna," Trish said.  And off to the kitchen we went.

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