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I need to shout a bit.... I've done it! All my books are now available on Kindle!
That means they are up on Amazon with a 'Look Inside' button so you can see the first few pages for free...
Now all I need is people to have a look and to leave some reviews... please...
There are 4 very different publications:
My first book, 'it'... A wife's journey through...  was the turning point - it changed my life and made me a writer and a storyteller.
Tales of the Tintagel Dragon is all based on real local places and events plus the Arthurian myths - and it is illustrated by a very talented 13yr old.
And there is a new book now - TOOt's Orpheus - a fun retelling for children of Orpheus in the Underworld complete with an acting-script version.
My audio-book cd of Stories from the Tintagel Storyteller obviously can't work on Kindle - but I have managed to put a video clip of an extract from a story (not one on the cd unfortunately) up onto my Author Page.
Please have a look - and add a review. It would be even better if you felt like buying a copy or borrowing it from the Kindle Library!
Best wishes
Jill, The Tintagel Storyteller

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