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"Love Poems and More From the Heart and Soul of Man"

This amazing poetry books has poems for all ages and all walks of life. "My poetry helps those who want to be entertained get more fun from the poetry of life. Its unique advantage is that it was based on the poet's actual life experience." It contains over 100 poems: poems of love, lost love, forbidden love, funny poems, sad poems, patriotic poems, spiritual poems, heartfelt warm emotional poems, and a few sensual poems sprinkled in just for fun.
Poems that will pull at your heartstrings. Poems that will bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eyes. Poems that you will relate to and
poems that will touch you in a profound way. I honestly poured my heart and soul into every page. Enjoy!

My Poetry book is available for the low price of $2.99 as a e-book on Kindle at 
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The beautiful 148 page 8 x 10 paperback is available on my website for $12.99 

 My poetry books 3 hr audio book is only $6.08 at 

It is also available on i-tunes

You can even get my poetry 3 hr audio book "Love Poems and More From the Heart and Soul of Man" free with a 30 day trial membership of at

You can check out My poetry book's Facebook page for upcoming events and news at:

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You can also find me out more about me, my writing, my current projects, my blog and more on my author's page at

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