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Can we build an online archive of proof about how beneficial storytelling is? Please weigh in your opinions!

educational, entertainment, medically...any possible way!

Dearest Storytellers

At a recent conference in Scotland one of the things we hit upon is the
lack of gathered evidence that storytelling is incredibly beneficial to
communities, individuals, education systems etc. We all know that it is a
valuable tool for emotional literacy, literacy, development and
community building, but all our knowledge is based on experience, on
seeing it happen.

But who has measured it? I would like to create an online archive of
links, published papers, academic journals and anything else we can say
quantifiably proves that what we are doing works!

This archive needs to be full of material that we have permission to
use. It would mean that when applying for funding, or trying to convince
governmental bodies we would all of us have a place, a source to go to
to say "See it does work! HONEST!"

So if you have published something, if you have run a project, if you
have data or information that would be helpful and you are willing to
share it please post it on here. Once i collect it all I will find a way
to host it all online somewhere, or on here somewhere.

So far I have one link, and possibly a Masters Thesis to add to this!

Thanks for your time in this!
in word and deed
Clare Muireann Murphy

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I have collected representative results of studies of the effects of storytelling in education on my blog at --

It's a bit repetitive, but that only shows that all studies have found a positive correlation between storytelling and improvement in all subjects.

Richard has reactivated this discussion and I realized there's an excellent resource that has gone through a few websites, but is hosted among the National Storytelling Network's resources about Storytelling in Schools.  It's by 2 members here at Professional Storytelling, Kate Dudding and Jackie Baldwin.  There are quantitative studies, innovative projects, and much more.




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