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I'm wondering if someone in this forum could chime in about normal/reasonable fees for storytellers at regional conferen ces or festivals?

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Depends what the storyteller is doing - and it depends on what country you're in. In the UK, festival fees tend to be a day rate, rather than a rate per show performed, but the performer would usually be at the festival for more than one day. Just as a ball-park figure, I'd expect to pay a UK based performer say £500 - £600 (fees only) to participate in a two day UK festival. For a conference - it depends on what you want the performer to do. If you're expecting a performer to write and present a new paper then that costs much more, and if you want them to do a keynote speech then again - you have to pay....and I'd negotiate those fees on an individual basis (and I realise this isn't so helpful!)...




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