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4/15/08 Take Five- Buck Creacy, little by little things get done.

1. Held my Guild Meeting, it is the 15th and tax time... apparently not everyone has filed their taxes early. So that part was a short night.

2. I downloaded software to use for designing CD jackets, fliers and so forth.

3. Talked with my Eric Schoeder, thanked him for getting my Story Story up and working.... go to or just go to my website there is a link right there on the front page.

4. Wrote all the Regional Tellers and Bill Harley to get their input on their introductions that I will give for them this weekend at the Nothern Kentucky Storytelling Festival.

5. Worked on my mailing list for an upcoming effort... just around the corner.

6. Continued to prepare for the International Reading Associations 53rd Annual Conference. Plus made short list of "thank you" notes for this past weekend.

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